Surprisingly good part (tested with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S)

Surprisingly good part (tested with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S)

deleyCON Bluetooth Headset Earphone - [Black] - Stereo - adjustable size - folded - extra soft cushion (Electronics)

Customer Review

Bluetooth connection:
I use headphones with the Android mobile "Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S" and the coupling and the subsequent use of works without any problems. The Bluetooth identifier at least my copy called "MC01". (Under Android 4 can also rename the device so if an identifier not like) Speakerphone with no problems, clearly - my interlocutor understands me without restrictions. When someone calls, the phone rings and the normal headphones are an additional own ringtone from if music was, this is stopped. After the call you can play by pressing the multifunction button the music again. When two-time pressure on the multi-function button to call the last number dialed.

The buttons Loud, Quiet, Next Track, Last Track function as you would expect - tested by Sony own players and the ES-Media Player. The multifunction button stops the music or cause to be continued at a single pressure.

Sound Quality:
I am otherwise rather the sound quality of professional studio monitors as Klein + Hummel or Genelec used with neutral sound. Much I have so do not expect from headphones that cost 50. But from time to time you will still be surprised by the industry. Good sound, no weaknesses in heights or depths. Of course, no high-end studio headphones, but for listening to music on the go with a mobile phone something of absolutely sufficient. I now no detailed sound analysis carried out, but I could while listening to my favorite songs that I know how it should sound, now find hardly sound limitation. Or this is so minimal that it is relatively unimportant for me so go.

The Micro-USB connector for charging is difficult and unplug, you have to fumble something. It does not work all the Micro-USB cable because the connector must not be too thick. This Micro-USB charging cable from AmazonBasics does NOT eg:

; Qid = 1393976735 & sr = 8-1 & keywords = Micro + USB + Amazon + basics

The included works naturally and from a Samsung charger also works.

When working I'm still curious to see how long it holds. As robust as a high-priced headphones it looks natural not quite, but let's see. The icons on the buttons you can hardly recognize, but is irrelevant because you this usually anyway "blind" suppressed, while using the headset.

In the manual is, one should not possible to charge the battery when it is not empty. Could a not particularly high quality battery point.

Under the button "Loud" is the key "track back" and there is "track forward" under "Volume Down" - I would have designed differently, but that's more a matter of taste.

All in all: Super value for money!
(And if he keeps for a long time and at some point no longer works, because the battery is over, it did now not so much with the 50th for the road, I can not always quite make friends so take too expensive headphones. Since this is more commodity.)

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