Switch from Samsung Galaxy S3 on Nokia Lumia 1520. winner against S5 and Z2

Switch from Samsung Galaxy S3 on Nokia Lumia 1520. winner against S5 and Z2

Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone (15.2 cm (6.0 inches) IPS LCD FULL HD, 20 megapixel camera, 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, Windows Phone 8) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Right at the beginning of the information that is free of this review super technical bells and whistles as I with such things in terms of smart phones do not really know much about. This is all just my personal opinion about the Nokia Lumia 1520. Maybe it helps one or the other in his purchase decision.

Decision between Nokia Lumia 1520 Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 ...

I have to step away from Android dared with my S3. Succeeding the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 were there next to the Lumia 1520 to the end. The S5 difference with me because of bad experiences with my S3 in terms of Android updates out, after each update (also at an early stage already) the phone for stuttering, crashes and Co. was always vulnerable. Also, the look and feel of the S5 has not been mine.

There remained the really good Sony Xperia Z2 adjacent to the Lumia 1520 to choose from. Honestly, even the Xperia Z2 has almost everything fit. Plus water protection against Nokia Lumia 1520. Become it is ultimately the Nokia Lumia 1520. reason for my spontaneous decision in the shop were my negative experience with Android and the large screen of the Nokia in connection with the extremely liquid handling and the great camera.

Difficult start ...

I had, however, the big mistake to leave me set up in 1520 in the Vodafone Shop Lumia because I was not sure if I can do that. And that was the big mistake. Because yes, I would have and then get it better. To access the store had to be furnished me an Outlook account. The man has still hammer out the Vodafone Store. However, he had forgotten so unimportant things as enter my date of birth there. So the new Outlook address in Nokia Lumia 1520 deposited as my Microsoft account. Then off to the AppStore and tried to pull me on my Lumia 1520 first apps. But nothing went, always came in the store the message that advance the function My family had to be set up so that I can download apps or make purchases. After 2 hours in the shop the info that I go home and my Lumia 1520 first to fully charge and then a phone update to do. Now at home, I then found that nothing went as we deposit a Mirosoft account the Lumia 1520 only once, it then neither can edit and certainly not delete. This is very bad and resolved to say the least great crap. In Android that is clearly a better solution. So I had to reset the machine and there had secure my darts in the cloud did not work, were all my contacts, data and Co. I had me transferred from my old S3 just gone. This has frustrated me so much so that I returned to the device in the shop and wanted to exchange it for the Sony Xperia Z2. That would have gone, but I wanted to give the great device still has a chance. So Microsoft account deposited with all the data on the device reset everything again tried and lo and behold - everything goes.

Short list of all point pros and cons that are noticed until now the Lumia 1520:


+ The size. Granted - 6 inches are a house number and the first two days it seemed to me, despite my giant stylus like a log in front. This has placed now and I'm excited about the many benefits offered me the big screen. Handed operation falls here mostly flat, which was with me but despite the size already at S3 already not the case. For me, the 6 inches are super.

+ The display: bright, crisp, high contrast with natural and bright colors and my gefällts better than even the Amoled with my old Samsung. Absolute plus.

+ Operation: is liquid without any stuttering or wobbles, everything can be set up by me as I want it. The display absolutely quickly and directly to your every touch responding (sensitivity can be individually disqualify)

+ Reception: I feel as a top. Both the connection to my WiFi and the reception on the way are so far mostly top. For single weak reception areas at my provider Vodafone Nokia may but nothing)

+ Windows Phone operating system: Am pleasantly surprised, I like it and can use super. Definitely better than Android.

+ Battery: Holds and holds and holds. Or to put it so, with intensive use with surf, many downloads, games, phone calls and often social networks and navigation, the battery held at least 2 days, which is top. If, however, permanently installed, about you should be in the clear.

+ The space: The device has 32GB of storage, and it can be memory card of at least 64GB insert. This is top and really (at least for me) absolutely enough.

+ Nokia Navigation: Free performances and works really perfect, now now already several times tried and absolutely perfect.

+ The camera (but also a weakness that needs to be mentioned): First of all, the camera is about 90% a blast part. The images are really beautiful not only in daylight but also in art or low light. Many things can be manually compensate. The pictures are really great and crisp. The videos are both picture and sound from her absolutely stunning. But what strikes me here is the negative (felt) eternal trigger delay of 1 second or more determined to make the snapshots impossible. Does anyone here possibly a trick, but as I got done it faster? Am grateful about every tip. Shutter lag was when my S3 on the other hand quickly :( Or did I miss a Sports / Action Mode here?

+ Processing: No cleavage mass, nothing wobbles and creaks and everything seems very stable. Unplanned I could convince myself that both the display and the back side really scratch resistant. Thank God. Still has a good piece now a film front on it and behind a protective cover. If you have any falls that is better despite mobile phone insurance;)

+ The AppStore: Admittedly a little expandable, but it's all there what I need so it gives the green light here as well. Does anyone here have a hint for or on an app with which I can set up various mail accounts / retrieve, since I still have a few?

+ Voice quality: clear, loud and clear. I had as yet no noise or similar. That's how it should be.

+ Speaker: Surprisingly good, but overrides minimal at high volume. Fits.

+ Audio quality through headphones: I personally important because I hear a lot of my music through headphones. Headphones are comfortable and the device replaced so perfectly my previous MP3 player. In ear headphones pure music - off. Sure, the Xperia Z2 has another eating better listened but I like it, therefore thumbs up.


+/- The unit fits comfortably in your hand but is behind quite slippery and fairly smooth. Without protective sheath provides the back and sides a clever grip / anti-slip you should not operate the part. Best mitordern immediately.

+/- My Nokia Lumia 1520 runs with Windows Phone 8.0. Meanwhile, you can already buy equipment on which 8.1 already installed during the update for users of 8.0 is still not there. Weiss because someone already when coming? And no, I do not want to use Developers Preview, as you have heard that this may possibly affect the warranty conditions.


- Establishment Microsoft account on Lumia 1520: As described above can be a once filed, Microsoft account at Lumia 1520 no longer change or delete the device must be completely reset. This is really big crap.

- No dust / water protection as the S5 or the Z2 which I knew but before and therefore is of no consequence.

Conclusion: So far, with minimal drawbacks (with respect to the long shutter lag) when the camera and setting up the Microsoft account an almost perfect smartphone. For me, the move away from Samsung with Android was back to Nokia with Windows Phone right. Would it take any time and recommend it to clear. Large, fast, much space, easy to operate. You do not want to put down a good piece.

################################################## ############################

CAMERA UPDATE (09/07/2014):

I had become a little more time to occupy myself with the camera. The shutter speed and auto focus can be manually regulated so that captures the camera of 1520 also fast moving objects accordingly. Have thus become great results achieved. Only automatic mode remains the photograph Snapshots and moving subjects difficult because the Lumia 1520 focused so slow (almost 1 second). So off the automatic mode and then right to have fun with your device. If now with the update to Windows Phone 8.1 update Cyan is rolled out, is likely to have a best smartphone snapping it at all at the start. My criticism of the camera is thus applicable only in automatic mode.

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UPDATE (28/07/2014)

Slightly more than 1 month with my new Lumia 1520 ....

I'm still very enthusiastic about my 1520 but me 2-3 things are still noticed that I do not want to share with you.

The function wakeup (lightweight Doppelantippen the display in standby mode to wake up) does not always, about every third attempt fails, and it must be served on the key housing right. We'll see if the problem still exists after 8.1 will hopefully be rolled out sometime ...

The camera likes to shoot in bright sunlight probably not (not that anyone here thinks I would purely photograph directly into the sun) ... The sun's rays with many images are seen bluish purple and so make the actual picture almost unusable. Has anyone had similar experiences here made? And the next point with respect to the camera, almost all interiors in good lighting and daylight everything seems to be slightly bluish, I fix the white balance adjusts it again, of course.

The speakers are quite a bit better than expected, the minimum oversteer at high volume is no longer present and the speakers are so good that I at high volume in the car just over the loudspeakers at full fan switched on and music on the radio every incoming call understand crystal clear and very clear. Simply answer the Car Holder pure, call over the loudspeaker and calling with no restrictions. Very very good.

The battery life has become felt more impressive, the member holds in spite of the many applications that I use always simultaneously by almost the 2 days. Stuttering or Abtürze in the operation there were until now not yet.

################################################## ############################

UPDATE - Windows Phone 8.1 available and installed (07/08/2014):

Finally Windows Phone 8.1 for all owners a Nokia Lumia 1520 regularly available (since 4:08. To late evening) To install the update itself took some time but was smooth and flawless. Immediately after the update to WP 8.1, an update was needed for almost all apps. Once again, all has passed without problems first went a few days into the country, where I have tested what everything has changed after the update.

1) Action Center is now finally available in Windows phone after it indeed gave Android a long time. All notifications in a window, at last. A simple but useful supplement. Mir gefällts. And for a long time with Android standard.

2.) At last is possible a separate volume control of ringing / Alerts and media / apps. Very nicely done and long overdue. Why not so?

3.) The camera. Here I had promised me a little more of the update. Admittedly, the autofocus has become slightly faster and the images are minimal contrast. That's it then but also already.

4) The Internet Explorer is after the update really great, simple to use and above all faster kommt`s before me. Thumbs up.

5.) The function Waking work after the update to 8.1 WP finally reliable. Was before the update about every third attempt wake double tap the smartphone unsuccessful folds meanwhile properly. That's how it should be.

Conclusion: is the update to Windows Phone 8.1 from the anyway quite faultless Nokia Lumia 1520 an almost perfect smartphone that gives me with each passing day more and more joy. I am still, and now quite a bit more completely thrilled by my 1520th

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Purchase satisfactory 18 Rank: 4/5
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