Switching from a Sharp Aquos TV 37X20E-S on a new LG TV 40UB800V

Switching from a Sharp Aquos TV 37X20E-S on a new LG TV 40UB800V

3 Year WARRANTY EXTENSION for TVs from 400.00 to 499.99 EUR (Accessories)

Customer Review

Switching from a Sharp Aquos TV 37X20E-S on a new LG TV 40UB800V since 01/12/2014

The 37 Sharp television was just over five and a half years, and then he made mosquitoes in the audio output via HDMI. A Mac Mini and an old Apple TV (first generation) were connected to the TV via HDMI Sharp. Movies were played on the Mac Mini un good picture and sound quality. And there was no longer films address space limits (beyond 4GB).

LG offered a 40 inch TV in the desired width of 900 mm. This was the main reason to buy, because the TV unit had to fit into a 901mm wide wall unit. For quick reader here anticipate a quick summary and then some deeper experience:

the price at Amazon 460 for LG TV 40UB800V compared to the price of the Sharp Aquos of 1600 was comparable to a repair of the old Sharp device and thus probably the better choice. So the purchase was risked.
the assembly of the two feet at the LG was ok
the dimensions voted
the interfaces for external devices are sufficient
the image quality was significantly better than the previous unit (4K grade 2+)
the dual processor brought an increase in performance in fast changing
the built-in speakers were tolerable (grade 3-4) for the offered space in the device and the light-output downwards
the supplied remote controls are ok
the wireless connection was reasonably understandable configurable
in TV mode, the sound on the stereo via the supplied (Note 2) Scart adapter could be transferred to an older Onkyo, but just because you knew from the Sharp-predecessor device first. , ,

Less positive
Helpdesk and call center and customer contact via the website is not necessarily helpful - it is lectures and unfortunately less helped. They want to request quantities execute, which could be reduced by better manuals.
Manual bad if you want to resolve detailed issues (Note 4 -)
Sound at first only in the TV mode to stereo possible and OK, but. , ,
Audio output for input sources to the stereo headphone jack apparently only possible a real joke after many trials and tests. , ,
Soundbar eg NB2540 from LG does not suit the device (color in the design and in the Platzirerung because of the height)
File format for USB hard drives only NTFS to two terabytes you should know, it is nowhere. , , ,
Font sizes in the presentation of the contents on the screen difficult to read and can not be adjusted
Reprogramming of the TV channel order were only indications of possible Helpdesk (Note 3), but the device suffers from Alzheimer TV device keeps the transmitter settings does not (Note 6 -)
Television brings evidence of updates but no indication whether the update was actually carried out?
Television telephoned probably still like home HbbTV is turned on by default. This makes a careful. , ,
Because of known by LG Telefonierneigung the user behavior of buying the additional option of a built-in camera in the first place was not envisaged. Here one has yet become very cautious as consumers after the events in England last year. So Skype or similar applications have been aware of the TV set out of the purchase.

Less positive - some priorities in detail and the daily live what not so good. , ,
The included apps (eg the browser) does not always cope with the call complex websites, such as mirror-online or Süddeutsche Zeitung. The hardware (memory) is designed to weak. Although the image quality was good when the app worked and not crash.

One can only enter short homepage addresses manually, which is already cumbersome. Reading a file would be better, but is not offered. From a multimedia use it is still very far away with LG at this point. So the browser is not properly used. , ,

Many apps will equal a registry, but a cancellation does not seem easy to be possible. Therefore one recoils against using the apps at all. So not very customer-friendly and well-designed more to sniffing out my view and therefore not really useful if you do not want to suffocate in spam later.

There is a manual (My Rating: 4 - to 6 +), but unfortunately you do not find the information and advice that you need for a more complex installation. Also on the homepage, there is no further information, or I have not found her.

First, the problem with the transmitters
When LG TV arranging the transmitter is not just a customer-friendly solution. This is known. It is in my view rather an approach of introverted engineers who have enough experience and are now released with their knowledge to ignorant customers.

The ordering of channels becomes very cumbersome. Now you had after two attempts and two phone calls to the call center (the description was however properly only for initiated persons) managed. (Note 3)

Then came two days before a heavy snow and within seconds all stations were (about 60 pieces) totally disappeared?

The satellite dish was wrapped in snow, and the signal strength had fallen to zero. The next morning, I freed the bowl from the snow and the signal was again available. And the preset stations it had taken in a snowstorm it? The device could be reprogrammed though a part of the sender and the sender was looking for this time only in German, and why I did not understand. (Note 6 -)

Now you will probably first have to wait for the winter, before one can rearrange the station because of the repetition time is too precious. The device was turned on all the time. A memory function that wegschreibt the transmitter and therefore makes available again, I could not find.

This is another indication that the technology and its implementation is very strong sewn by design on edge.

Alone this fact despite the good image quality allows me only an overall grade of 3 to 4 for the device. A housewife or elderly pensioners, who are not so familiar with the technology, each time must bring a service technician and lie down by their limited pension for Directions and the Service Ruckzuck 200-300. Toll!

Problem with the sound:
The LG recognizes a name Drive right, but the sound of a video being played will be played through the internal speaker, which was nowhere example given in a technical specification. The same applies both connected via HDMI to a connected USB drives and Mac and AppleTV. Only the demand for the hotline brought here definitive clarity that this was not technically provided a sound from a stereo device. So the first information from the hotline. But the TV signal in TV mode could be spent on the stereo. When Sharp this was not a problem at first was six years ago

So we dealt with a sound bar to complement the sound initially by the company LG to prevent further hidden problems. There is the possibility to connect via fiber optics and Bluetooth with an installed app.

A connection via optical fiber was described as insufficient in the manual that the purchase of a cable end seemed too risky. With such scanty descriptions must be from the beginning of the exchange risk with a parking space or return shipping and additional time reckon with, which makes things unpleasant.

But the types of sound bars fit both LG and other manufacturers do not properly to the device. With a light unit could have been at a wall mounting the appropriate Soundbar (available only in black!) Can be mounted. In addition, the alternative was very expensive if you are not using 100 W (LG Special for 115) had wanted to settle. it looks like that the marketing of the TV device communicates nothing of the efforts of marketing for Sounbars.

Fortunately, I came to a Saturn retailers (half the afternoon was again wasted), which I could explain the problem, and proposed a cost-effective solution for 5.95. He recommended a jack cable (1.5mm jack) from the headphone output of LG TVs to an analog audio input on the receiver (about 1.5 m long). Lo and behold, it worked right away with the sound output from the NAS, USB 2.0 drive and the old AppleTV and Mac from the TV unit out ..

Now you could omit two Apple remote. The sound adjustments could be operated via the Magic Remote Control (quite well in handling). Neither by the LG call center (two professionals and two calls) nor the manual or the online help menu on the TV unit could get these instructions. Real frustration is the (Note 5 -).

Another undocumented feature with USB hard drives
The LG TV device supports only Microsoft NTFS formatting up to two terabytes. Nowhere is there a reference to. We learn this only by a call to the hotline. A wanted employment program?

One appointed by the hotline only for playback purposes (movies) FAT32 formatting is not working. Apple formats are anyway not supported (Note 4)

When changing a drive, it takes a considerable time until the hardware recognizes the change and then is also on the TV screen. The font sizes of contents shown appear so small that it can not be read on a chair in 4 m distance. A remedy from the shows that can be downloaded to the iPhone or iPod for free and there the tracks as the movies. When connecting the hard drive shows very quickly that the design of the hardware allows only a narrow margin for user needs.

The problem with the readability of the font sizes
Similarly, the screen font sizes for the TV Guide and for expandable information about a running program are displayed so small that they can be very difficult or impossible to read from the chair in 3-4 m distance. An adjustability would certainly be good.

These are my personal experiences with a 4-week operation since Dec 2014 which are subject to change. Unfortunately, you could this info at LG by contacts (very complicated) because of the required mandatory information not feed. The equipment purchased was not listed ???? (Note 6 -)

Great figure of Link Rank: 4/5
March 11
poor construction. Rank: 2/5
April 30
Nice little box Rank: 3/5
August 12
Handy 235 Rank: 3/5
December 27
good for small budget Rank: 3/5
June 14

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