Switching from high-end to Honor Holly

Switching from high-end to Honor Holly

Honor Holly Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inch) IPS display, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 16 GB of internal memory, 8 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) (Electronics)

Customer Review

I was looking for a favorable dual SIM device and bin has shared with Huawei / Honor.

Given the price I was skeptical at first and I actually have expected the device to send back because I as Android and CyanogenMod fan above devices in a different price class possessed (Nexus 4, OnePlus One). I never imagined that one gets along as technophile users with a 120 euro device, it would nevertheless like to try.

Here is my detailed review after ten days use:

System performance:
Holly runs despite compared to high-end devices on paper slower processor in all areas sufficiently liquid, I have so far seen no stuttering. Browse, Youtube, Spotify, news apps, navigation, access to files on the network incl. Printing Runtastic Tracking has all worked out as usual from more expensive devices.

Battery life:
When switching from the Nexus 4 on the OnePlus One particularly the significantly longer battery life, I noticed, so I had in mind here too that the Holly could however dispel. Apparently the needs compared to OnePlus One 0.5 "smaller display, which also" only "720p dissolves significantly less power. So could the Holly with a city trip as map function (100% brightness, GPS, 3G) and passing Restaurant tips and timetables pick out without having been left by the battery down.

Here of course you have to cut back. The camera in bright light quite good pictures in less light, the image quality is however noticeably. For snapshots, you still have enough thanks to LED.

Housing / feel:
As you'd expect in the price range, the Holly is made entirely of (simple) plastic. The previously mentioned in other reviews susceptibility for fingerprints, I can confirm. Overall, the device is, however, well in the hand. Right-handed unusual: The Back button is located on the left side, but can be at the 5 such as the Honor 4x but would probably me with this big "device still operate comfortably 5.5.". That the keys are not lit up for me no problem. After a short familiarization one is in the dark fail.

With the display of Holly I am satisfied overall. Personally, I can not tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on small mobile screens. The color reproduction is good and even under direct sunlight the display is readable. Only the automatic brightness control from time to regulate something pointless back and forth and the minimum brightness setting in my opinion is still quite bright. This is probably but rather a software issue.

As mentioned under the point system power everything runs smoothly. I take out of habit but the Apex Launcher and not the pre-installed Launcher. As for the settings of course there are a few limitations, especially when the Custom Roms CyanogenMod is accustomed for many years, where you can totkonfigurieren everything to the smallest detail. For example, can the shutter of the camera is not without profound interventions in the system (root access) off. However, I have found another camera app that gives no sound. In addition, I've found no way to turn off the LED during charging. Different LED colors for specific alerts can be set but with an additional app. What I lack is the ability when listening to music to skip a track by pressing the volume buttons. On the lockscreen but that is possible, that the unit must not only be unlocked by a track switch on.

The speaker comes naturally not to that of a HTC One with, however, provides in my opinion even the best mobile phone speaker still not listening, so he is quite enough for me. The quality of the phone is good.

Yes, the device is not a flatterer like an iPhone 6 or HTC One, and yes the camera replaced for holiday pictures no right camera (which, however, even in high-end smartphone cameras is disputed), and yes, the display may perhaps stand in comparison with the one LG G3 not keep up. The software offers of work from not the settings that would require tech-savvy users and androiderfahrene perhaps. BUT: The device costs only 120 euros and offers unbeatable value for money, especially since it can accommodate 2 SIM cards. For beginners, the device is thoroughly recommended, here each Euro additional output would be a more expensive device a waste of money. But in the transition from high-end devices on the Holly one experiences no "culture shock". It's just everything according to the price a little easier, but works smoothly and without restriction, therefore I forgive despite minor shortcomings 5 ​​Stars. I hope that the device in the long run just as good beats. However, if the announced Honor 4C released in Germany and a much better camera (need tests then show) and even more battery life at a price of about 150 Euros create real Wehrt, a transition to the 4C would be worth considering.

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