Switching from iPhone 5 on Samsung Galaxy S5

Switching from iPhone 5 on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)

Customer Review

As previously staunch IPhone users (iPhone / Iphone4 / Iphone5) I due to various positive reviews now moving to the S5 / Android 5 "daring" and come after 3 weeks of intensive use to the following "interim conclusion":

Have the smartphone not ordered through Amazon but on my contract providers. Priced it's currently have relatively low with or contract considering the Apple products, although it is only one year around in the market. Had my iPhone 5 like to keep longer, but the screen went to break after a fall and repair was just too expensive! Have already gained experience with Androidsmartphones (Motorola Milestone and Razr i and Samsung S5800) and also with Windows 8.1 (Lumia 930 my wife).

Important in the purchasing decision for me was:

Top battery life and very good quality display and fast processor. Good telephone and reception services, fast internet. Reasonable quality of the camera.

Less important for me:

Video, Music Player, fingerprint sensor, Health Functions, metal housing.

Previous experience with the S5:

+ Very good workmanship despite Kunststoffgeäuse
+ Very good Sprachqualtät, reception quality
+ Fast Internet in WLAN and LTE
+ Excellent display, albeit in sunlight difficult to read than the iPhone 4 and 5
+ Good size, maybe a little too big, but I knew in advance

- USB cover fiddly, can not imagine that lasts a long time. I was wondering whether you should replace when
one day breaks. I realize that the S5 is no longer protected against water then, but other devices also have no coverage.
- Performance when scrolling, opening not optimal apps and menus, despite faster hardware.
- Camera is something out of the housing.

What surprised me is that the quality of the pictures is better than the iPhone 5, which also already has a very good camera. Can not imagine that this is due to the 16 MP (Iphone 5: 8 MP). Because I jokingly NEN cross comparison (12 with 10 MP Canon G) made and there has the S with my already about 4 1/2 years old 5 compact camera is not the slightest chance of image quality.

Would I buy the S5 again?

'm Not quite sure. Maybe I am in the last few years but too used to the IOS from Apple, Android definitely many advantages also has. What makes me thoughtful but is that even the Lumia 930 my wife when scrolling and opening apps running smoothly. Since I'm so good comparison opportunity now and with Windows I have apart from the Lumia 930 8.1 devices, no experience. But I think that the Windows system is underestimated (at least from 8.1). Can therefore imagine that my next smartphone Windows Phone, if Android (or Samsung) will no increasing in performance to me. For Apple, I would like because of the high-price policy does not return, because the respective "predecessors" are only slightly discounted.

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