Switching from Nikon D5100 D5300 on

Switching from Nikon D5100 D5300 on

Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera (24.2 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) LCD, Full HD, HDMI, WiFi, GPS, AF system with 39 focus points) Kit incl. AF-S DX 18 55 VR Lens (Electronics)

Customer Review

For about three years I have been a satisfied owner of a Nikon D5100 DSLR.
I know it is almost a religious issue, but I have time for a detailed review and comparison of Canon 600D and Nikon D5100 for the latter decided me and my decision since no regrets. When switching to D5300 turned surely the question whether this is worthwhile.

So what has changed from 5100 to 5300?

- First catches the eye the higher resolution 24 MP which provides an equally large sensor. In 5100 there were only 16 MP. This resolution is of course only relevant for printing large formats.

- Autofocus (here hidden for me the biggest advantage) - 39 points (age 11). The focus is much faster. This becomes very evident in practice.

- 2 new effects: HDR and Toy Camera - this aspect played a secondary role for me - HDR do manually and Toy Camera is probably not so often find its use

- Display - you now have a choice of 6 display modes, which differ in color substantially. Must to the new display to get used as switching from D5100 only because it is horizontal and not vertical. The display has grown slightly - by 3 to 3.2 inches

- Continuous shooting: the D5300 has become slightly faster and now creates 5 shots per second, as opposed to 4 in D5100 - for me not an essential point

- Video: Full HD, 60p and 50p are now possible. In addition, stereo sound instead of mono as D5100. This is an important point.

- Weight - the D5300 is lighter than the D5100 with 480g 30g. The 18-105 lens into perspective the difference.

- Built-in Wi-Fi - first sounds very progressive. In reality, one can therefore not do much. With a SmartphoneApp can trigger remotely and view camera images and transfer them to the smartphone. More is not really at the moment. The D5300 connects the smartphone as a hotspot. My expectation was that the camera in the network logs as a wireless client.

- Built-in GPS - this feature is obvious - so you can be provided the geotagged photos in order to be automatically positioned on Google Maps for example. It's a nice feature, but you should enjoy them consciously, because then the battery is expected to be much faster empty.

- The controversial issue Backfocus - I have a very timely manner the performed on traumflieger.de test described. In my particular case, I could not find the back focus error.

- Practice Test - switching from D5100 is relatively easy because of the shape and position of buttons, little has changed. The camera focuses faster and more accurately. The noise at extremely high ISO values ​​(3200 and up) is visible at low magnification. My old 18-105 Nikkor lens is compatible and I could use it without any problems. The same also applies to the Nikon remote release.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the camera. The biggest advantages for me are at fast focus, higher resolution, better photo and video quality. On the gimmicks such as Wi-Fi and GPS I could do without. Whether the new features compared to D5100 are worth a 300 charge, everyone must decide for themselves. In my opinion, the transition without long worth thinking of D5200 to D5300 like the decision probably not so easy to fall.

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