• Does not work on Kindle 1  

    6play (App)
    Very disappointed because the app does not work on my Kindle .... While the app is free, why the amazon store provided if it is not adapted to the Amazon tablet? They should prevent !!!
  • replay stops working  

    6play (App)
    For some time on my kindle application no longer works for the direct. All advertising spend on the replay (and the first crash if I do not touch the screen) Then the video itself does not start. An update? Cordially St├ęphane
  • No interest 8  

    6play (App)
    So I installed and uninstall the umpteen times rt it's still not working. They ask me deffectuer an update but nothing was done.
  • 6 play  

    6play (App)
    I find this as the great apps can be enjoyed almost all the programs of M6 Group but also to live Hint: it has to be downloaded
  • Do not run, and now yes!  

    6play (App)
    For those whose TV apps does not work or M6Replay MyTF1 eg .it just turn off the GPS system of your kindle when using these applis.En any case for me it running. and now it works flawless
  • 6play  

    6play (App)
    hello I love ... finally a wall or you can be a page of some emissions and TV series .Please