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  • The pure softness  

    So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter Remix) (MP3 Download)
    This man I want to marry! Where does he live? A man who seems to sing from the depths of the soul and a wonderful way and accompanied by gentle sounds which expresses in his lyrics, what has hurt him and how he felt. A song about the loss of his grea
  • Best Deutschrap album for a long time!  

    Amargeddon 2010 (MP3 Download)
    Since the announcement of the album Amar be released I await with interest the good work. Unfortunately, there has been a long time but finally drawn it there! Amar I found already to look next time Savas the best rapper in Germany. His flow is super
  • Here again  

    Here again (Live Version) (Amazon Freetrack KDW) (MP3 Download)
    I like the song. Bin Westlife fan. If the whole CD is so? Super, super. Oh, I can recommend. Keep it up.
  • WOW Brother  

    Soul Font (MP3 Download)
    thank you the name BORN was about to an !!!!!!! That's right, your album I am very touched. Thanks for your Lines. All the best for the future, hope for a new album in 2014!
  • The dragon coconut and the question: "Where do we come from?"  

    Little Dragon Coconut traveling to the Stone Age (MP3 Download)
    Another beautiful book by Ingo Siegner. Retold in entertaining chapters with splendid images. Nice format, hard cover, large legible font, suitable for beginning readers and to the humorous style, which is characterized Ingo Siegner. A funny cover pi
  • Very good DANCE sampler  

    Just Dance 2013 - Top 40 Club Electro & House Hits (MP3 Download)
    The best compilation of chart toppers and little-known titles! Can of course very well listen in the car and turn up the volume. Also on birthday parties was this sampler a complete success. Therefore, a full five stars.
  • Music up Platt  

    Avernako (MP3 Download)
    as a musician, I can only say that to me, this title has been of the first to hear immediately, a real catchy, good for dancing, just good !!!
  • Bowie's Ziggy Stardust to Warm Up  

    Hunky Dory (MP3 Download)
    Timeless beautiful glam rock classics in the original 70s sound robe. Even before Bowie's actual age Ego "Ziggy Stardust" is produced, is seen in this album a development on this not to (listen). "Changes", "Life on Mars", fo
  • The finishing touch to the game  

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution (MP3 Download)
    The soundtrack to the game "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" is electronically dominated music. The composer Michael McCann has chosen rather calm sounds of the game, but they are broken every now and then by driving rhythms. In the quiet passages occ
  • Catchy and supporting  

    The New Black Gold (MP3 Download)
    Miracle of Sound has once again outdone themselves with this successful, critical, the DeusEx: HR worthy piece of music. Anyone who has seen the clip to which it will come with this song over and over again in mind ..
  • Justin Timberlake  

    The 20/20 Experience (Deluxe Version) (MP3 Download)
    Justin as he lives and breathes: sexy. I am absolutely delighted. Download was done super easy and super fast !! New album is recommended to continue
  • The family loved it!  

    Christmas in family (MP3 Download)
    I knew the drive already from childhood! It was just beautiful, very Christmassy and timeless, it can only recommend!
  • The proper way Manuellsen!  

    M. Bilal: Soul Edition (MP3 Download)
    Stab: 7/10 Flying: 7/10 Think: 7/10 Toxic: 9/10 Colours: 10/10 Yeahiyeah: 4/10 Nightshift 2.5: 9/10 Paradise: 8/10 Stardust: 8/10 His friends: 10/10 Man of gold: 8/10 Hide yourself: 7/10 My Light: 7/10 Days of rain: 6/10 To whom do you belong: 9/10
  • incredibly touching - a Soul Bomb!  

    M. Bilal: Soul Edition (MP3 Download)
    So far I have Manuellsen perceived only as a rapper and his publications rarely prosecuted. But, as often there are days where you try something new. I am "be friends" stumbled on and was fascinated. Instant & without hesitation I bought the
  • A matter of taste, very worthwhile for fans of TGAOG!  

    Born Villain (MP3 Download)
    First of all: I, too, know the albums MMs from the beginning. But the hype surrounding the first albums I can not understand to this extent, as some celebrate on the internet like. Sure there were good old songs. However, that was for my taste someti
  • Let it stay, guys ...  

    The Lord Of Steel (Hammer Edition) (MP3 Download)
    One can make a long story short: The title track sounds like a tired remake of "Warlord" (Into Glory Ride), "Manowarriors" could again as the absolute self-glorification see (hahaha, alone rarely stupid passages OMG), out lutschtes &qu
  • Finally there is also the studio versions of "Fire" and "Because the Night"  

    The Promise (MP3 Download)
    After masterpiece "Born To Run", it was more than two years pretty quiet to Bruce Springsteen. With "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" he finally succeeded in 1978, a brilliant comeback. Songs like "Badlands", "The Promised
  • again something interesting  

    Kopfdisco (Premium Edition) (MP3 Download)
    I do not leave me now about individual songs, but finally once again delivers someone of a round album with a eignem style ... ... Prollig to swear without just ... message without index finger ... and always something to smile musically very clean p
  • So must be German Hip Hop  

    Kopfdisco (Premium Edition) (MP3 Download)
    I have been thrilled by all Olli Banjo albums and although some regarded as pure provocation his style lies at Olli Banjo more to it than Proll / Gangster Rap. And that's good! Kopfdisco is once again a solo album in which nothing is missing. Neverth
  • Rap and vocals to perfection !!!!  

    Until the last drops (MP3 Download)
    The song is indeed quite old, but I thought a review was that song definitely deserves. Although Jonesmann today accounts for more than pop music rap music, but there were also times for a while since he has only made rap. This song "Until the last d