HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin 16cm


  • Cute, fluffy and well finished  

    HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin, 16cm (Toys)
    We bought this little guy with a big penguin Company Heunec and the two complement each other just fine. He is especially fluffy and just cute, the picture is not really him so quite fair. He has the little face a bit more upwards, as if to a look up
  • Great gift for all ages!  

    HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin, 16cm (Toys)
    Super quality, super plush and really big. Have now been ordered 3 pieces, all looked different (different in "thickness" and fluffiness); for me which was great, no uniformity, but if you want the exact same, ists difficult. Delivery as always
  • Plush Penguin  

    HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin, 16cm (Toys)
    Did my little ones (1 1/2 years) that brought to Nicholas. He is excited about it because he is so cuddly. And the great thing is you can not wash it as often only by hand in the machine. Can recommend it without hesitation.
  • Cuddly and cute!  

    HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin, 16cm (Toys)
    The baby penguin came with my 5-year old son who loves penguins, super good. He is the current permanent companion for overnight excursions. The little penguin is really fluffy and cuddly and has stood all "cuddle attacks" and throwing games hel
  • Fluffy Friend  

    HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin, 16cm (Toys)
    Have this sweet little penguin with a cinema voucher (for Happy Feet 2) has presented around the neck. The little one has arrived and super druch it my niece will always have a fond memory of our joint visit to the cinema. Was pleasantly surprised by
  • One space for children  

    HEUNEC 248670 - Penguin, 16cm (Toys)
    I thank you very much because of the small now has a really nice home for my little niece. She squeezes and kisses him :-) and always says how nice he knows is. Class shop class shipping ..Immer again like ... Have now ordered here for the second tim