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  • Bel history of earthenware.  

    How to recognize a Delftware (Paperback)
    The least in this book is the lack of the trademarks of the producers or painters, decorators, workshop leaders etc ... Who did what and how to identify them by their brand? How to date their production? This high quality book would have been more su
  • Basic and a little expensive.  

    How to recognize a Delftware (Paperback)
    Little book that gives a very basic overview of Delft earthenware. Interesting but expensive (15 + shipping) for a very average result.
  • Introduction to Delft.  

    How to recognize a Delftware (Paperback)
    The book describes the main feature of Delft and its evolution over temps.Il indicates the manufacturing methods of this earthenware, explains how it differs porcelains of China and the French and Italian tiles. The book gives numerous examples of di