• Brilliant! A melodic dream!  

    Medusa (Audio CD)
    A good CD makes not only the mix of songs or the recording quality. You must charm. And that does Annie Lennox with "Medusa". This CD is a real dream and should be in every collection. Mainly characterized by quiet ballads is "Medusa"
  • ... Just listen  

    Medusa (Audio CD)
    ..wer can sing so wonderfully, the one should just listen ... mitzugeben this goose bumps on the voice of Annie Lennox and her ingenious way, each song has been written a lot ... but this album is so perfectly interpreted as a respiratory stockt.Mein
  • class solo album  

    Medusa (Audio CD)
    With or without Dave Stewart: Annie Lennox is the voice of the Eurythmics - and she can just as well solo. This CD is, after all, already 10 years in my collection. But only now I am once again met by chance on it, and this music since running severa
  • you either love it or you hate it!  

    Medusa (Audio CD)
    As Annie Lennox fan I love this CD, of course. On the other hand I can understand it even if someone has reservations because this CD has no song that was written by Annie Lennox himself. She has chosen 10 songs interpreted for purely personal reason