Nero 9 (PC CD) [Import English]


  • Parcel post  

    Nero 9 (PC CD) [Import English] (CD-Rom)
    The order has been received quickly and in a state as described in the Amazon page. Thank you to the seller.
  • Satisfied January 15  

    Nero 9 (PC CD) [Import English] (CD-Rom)
    At this price the product quality is unbeatable. Nevertheless, we would like a more ergonomic product, it is often difficult to find the desired function.
  • Nero 9 on Windows 7  

    Nero 9 (PC CD) [Import English] (CD-Rom)
    Nero 9 on Windows 7 installation without problem although the software is a little heavy; its operation is quite satisfactory but I did experience a very short time. I used Nero 8 already in XP.
  • What Bord ....!  

    Nero 9 (PC CD) [Import English] (CD-Rom)
    The product is fairly good in itself ... Nero, everyone knows or almost ... careful though ... As each installation of a new version or an update, one in two for the door opens on emmerdements cascade .... I fought for two weeks with this software da