Rediscovery Forest (Hardcover)

Customer Review

The mushroom guide, illustrated with 900 pictures, is a perfect book for a walker who want to know the name of the most experienced mushroom. Identification is facilitated by the pictures taken at the place of discovery, always with a copy lying showing blades or tubes. The description is accurate, or the details to differentiate two species are in bold.

With this book, an amateur may appoint many mushrooms. Of course, there are not any. The authors of choose and they favored some fungi in southern France. This probably explains that is not the Truffle of Burgundy. If he wants to deepen his knowledge, other books, such as BON MARCEL COURTECUISSE or, more technical, it will be necessary.
In summary, a good book, take-away in her bag during an outing in the forest.

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February 24
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March 26
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