Tefal 2in1 vs.  Philips HD9240 / 90

Tefal 2in1 vs. Philips HD9240 / 90

Tefal Actifry YV9601 2in1 Hot Air Fryer (1.5 kg capacity, 1,400 watts, incl. Recipe book) (household goods)

Customer Review

I had to get very lucky, the "Philips HD9240 / 90 Avance Airfryer XL with Rapid Air hot air technology, black" from the Amazon Vine program and immediately went in search of a comparable competitive device with which one the HD9240 / 90 because could compare. I've found - the same price and performance segment, "Tefal Actifry Fryer YV9601 Hot Air 2in1, piano-black". Both devices provide neither the price nor in power much - they are an ideal candidate for a comparison. Well, that is "Tefal Actifry Fryer YV9601 Hot Air 2in1, piano-black" in our relationship in use.

Because this is supposed to be a review of the HD9240 / 90 primarily, briefly its main figures:
- Touch screen with self-explanatory functions including temperature setting via arrow keys and memory function for regularly used settings
- Acoustic signal when the device is ready
- Little to no warm-up time
- Short preparation times (compared to previous fryers)
- Easy to clean (hand cleaning basket and bowl enough dishwasher is also possible)
- Almost no odor (over the usual level)

Here, the HD9240 / 90 and the competing device from Tefal cover incidentally yet complete. What has been said here about the HD9240 / 90, which also applies to the Tefal Actifry 2in1.

Let us, however, to the places where the devices differ:
- The HD9240 / 90 has a power output of 2100 watts, the Tefal limps 1550 watts afterwards, but this must not mean anything if the cooking results are consistent (what they are doing roughly - the HD9240 / 90 is slightly "faster" in the cooking time)
- The HD9240 / 90 can be infinitely adjusted between 60 and 200 degrees Celsius, at the Tefal is at 150 degrees final - basic: from 170 degrees Celsius is produced (quote from manufacturer) "Acrylamide in dangerous amounts". The reduced wattage could be to lead it back to you specifically reduced the power here to stay outside the "dangerous" area
- Visually pleasing both devices, but they are conceptually very far apart: the Tefal has a glass lid, the direct control of cooking allows - the HD9240 / 90 has a drawer that you have to pull out first, to see what happened to the food to be cooked happens
- The advertised Tefal "2in1" function is completely missing in the HD9240 / 90. The "2in1" function allows users of Tefal specifically, two dishes (meat and fries etc.) to cook at one time, while the HD9240 / 90 While calling up a frying basket for up to 1.2 kilos of chips, but it is not my "splitter bar" or the like makes it possible to simultaneously cook two foods; the advantage of "2in1" is the fact that by rotating agitator in the lower cooking area, it is possible to cook also "Liquid" (eg chilli con carne) - all this but at the loss of the "payload", so here the HD9240 / 90 can score. So the preparation of cakes is definitely easier in the HD9240 / 90.
- The usual, more or less useful "recipe books", spoon and nonstick Irgendwasse (namely the drawers and inserts that are needed anyway for the basic functions) beyond shine neither the Tefal "2in1", nor the HD9240 / 90 with a lot of free Accessories
- Greater design flaws have not both devices, however, the HD9240 / 90 tends to evaporate at inherently greasy foods like "drip fat" to smoke (can be solved by a glass of water at the bottom of the pan); the Tefal has, however, in the grip area locations, which can be very difficult to clean
- Cooking times: In direct comparison, the devices do not give much in terms of cooking times; both will be cooked with hot air, which means that a maximum (!) 1 tablespoon oil per frit charge sufficient to straighten up "fry" (although I think you can not really talk about it) and you're done fairly quickly ; even the cooking of cakes, and the like is no problem

So much for the overview. But what should you do instead? Are there any other alternatives?
Sure, there are the. So have both Tefal, and Philips each "niedrigpreisigere" versions of their devices in the segment. At Philips, from the "Vivo" series, at Tefal up with another fantasy name. The devices have in common is that they all offer basically less power for less money, not "high tech" are, but suffices as workhorses. For occasional use, anyway. Who would often fry and cook, which should look is more of a +/- 200 Euro segment (with the 2in1 or the HD9240 / 90 also). You might want to look around for useful models of Moulinex or DeLonghi, Clatronic and the other usual suspects, with me here so far little has come under in terms of innovation. What you will find here can be found usually in the segment <100 euros and works with the "conventional" fat Baderei that you used to know.

Now, which one takes the two compared fryers for now, is a direct result of what you did so before. With us, the Philips is definitely better off because we actually want to do something like cake (as oven-replacement) and larger amounts fries and happy also in temperatures> 150 degrees would still setting.
Who wants to cook all dishes and so needs a little flair of a food processor, which is found more in the 2in1 again. Ever have people who want to cook several foods like "same" better off with this device. Even those who would like to see his food to be cooked directly "from the outside", which should look towards Tefal - who needs more power, looks just the other way - namely to the here much better prepared HD9240 / 90th

For which device you also choose: A good tip for both devices is, the little oil that it still uses to buy in a flavored form and then get, for example, equal to a little "chili oil" flavor to the food. Works great.

Both machines are technically very good (5 star), despite the high price offer good to very good value for money and act consistently solid. They are easy to clean and take a well from a lot of work in the household. For times for both a big "thumbs up". Concrete buying decisions should definitely be made depends on which usage scenario you have in mind.

The review is often updated and improved by me. If it was useful for you, so I am pleased with a "helpful" rating. If not, I'm talking about your objective criticism and take this love to.

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