That's why two stars and a sender back!

That's why two stars and a sender back!

Philips SHE9005 / 10 Earphones with Mic for smartphone (Accessory)

Customer Review

Looking for a little while new in-ear in a rather wide range of prices ranging from twenty to sixty euros, to replace old Philips SHE8500 (very robust which required me several years) So happy the brand!

There jachète few months of "JVC Xtreme Xplosives" but the quality nival (Its like manufacturing) does not convince me that much. Moreover, they are big and discomfort when tuned support head against a oreillet example (both have a helmet!) And I did with!

I decide to buy these "Philips SHE9005A / 10" Android-compatible! After hesitating with the "Beyerdynamic MMX101iE" because a little cheaper!

Suffice to say that the sound levels and at this price it is the top, they are beautiful and very well made ... well almost! ... The "remote control" volume, is how to say "USELESS" I explain: The remote volume control is the volume INDEPENDENT Android system, which also can be set by the "single button" located further upstream with the microphone (configurable with various applications).

Well you tell me if it's just that, it's no big deal! ... It will THAN additional way to set the volume! ... "Then I fall, I back here and here ... uh! no, I go down there and rather one ... Pffff ..Autant leave always the way! "...
But this is the worst is yet to come! The volume button is actually a slide, and frankly, it is (to which is my case) of very poor quality and did rather "big stain on these beautiful earphone!
5 to 65% of the sound is adjusted regularly and homogeneously! But the past (about) 65% it goes directly to 100% ... and between 65 and 100% sizzling sound, is a kind of "Stereo dance" as soon as you touch the slide! (Sometimes remain stuck harder on a headset)

Otherwise All in all everything is there! ... Beautiful "braided shielded" cable, great sound when the "Stereo" in the "slide volume" does not play his own! Something for everyone among the tips provided!

I do not recommend this model, but I strongly urge prospective buyers to flock to the version "remote Mono, Mono button" Philips SHE9005A / 00 (ref on amazon) compatible Android as I wait impatiently to receive !!! =)

Ah! Yes! and Philips, have some order in your references and in the way the presented! Because sometimes it is not very clear and a little mess. Not that from Amazon but on all of your websites and resellers Site ... well that is not the subject! But for example on the box or other packaging materials of these "SHE-9005A / 10" ... well then any place I found this reference! There "SHE-9005" and "SHE-9005/00" But no "SHE-9005A / 10"

That's why two stars! And a sender back!

LES - zip volume of poor quality and useless!
SEO quite confused!

THE + Beau small and powerful!

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March 5
Long delivery but good quality Rank: 4/5
January 31
good touch but reversed Rank: 3/5
November 28
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December 21
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