The almost perfect addon for the T500

The almost perfect addon for the T500

Steering Wheel TM Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-On Steering Wheel T500 PS3 / PC (video game)

Customer Review

I had ordered me the steering wheel, because I in the otherwise perfectly working Thrustmaster T500 partout could not get used to the stationary shift paddles me.

When the steering wheel is a reduced approximately 75% replica of real Ferrari GTE steering wheel. Visually, it makes her a lot and keep impressed the first time in his hands.

The steering wheel itself is like the original GT steering wheel made of metal and also know the same rubber on. Whether you like this rubber compound or not, is a question of taste. I for one find it handy, which even increases even at slightly damp hands. Since it but as I said the same material as the actual steering wheel, I'm assuming that the steering wheel after some time may have unsightly "friction points" using on the surface. While this affecting not use, but a material that keeps optically longer or genuine leather would have preferred. For leather, I would even have been willing to pay a higher price.

The steering wheel itself is, as I said, a replica of which was verkleiner by approximately 75%. The steering wheel itself is also within the scope smaller than orgiginal steering wheel (outer diameter 29cm) and has an outer diameter of 27cm. I would have rather wanted in the case, the same size, since I like the larger diameter of the GT steering wheel more. Who wanted a smaller anyway, will have his true joy with it.

The buttons themselves were labeled as their true role model, which is not always makes sense, but optsich again underlines the racing feeling. The red and blue buttons have a pleasant pressure point and can be easily reached by adult hands, without the need to take your hands completely off the wheel. The digital pad falls visually from a little, but does what it should.

When the toggle switch on the bottom right it is not like in a real Orgiginal toggle switch, but a rocker. This means that if you turn it to the left or right, it automatically jumps back to the center position. the switch itself is made of plastic and unfortunately falls as the D-pad off a little. A pity, because the steering wheel itself acts absolute robuist.

Let's talk about the shift paddles. These are made of solid metal and can be operated pleasant. Simply make a robust and stable impression and reciprocate your use with a slight click. The path is pleasantly short.

From Rückkseite it's clean and covered with Plasik looks assembled from all sides well.

Thrustmaster has instructions for disassembly without warranty loss for the fixed shift paddles on the website. This I have done because I am often come to this by mistake, instead of the steering wheel. Although downgrade is possible without problems, but this is not just done once, which is why you're standing in the GT steering wheel without paddles since. In my case, I use the H circuit of Thrustmaster what authenischer eh.

The change of the steering wheel is the same as with the F1 steering wheel on the rotary scar and security Straube. This is not as fast and comfortable as a real quick-release system, but allows but a very rapid change. Only the security screw makes no durable impression, because this is turned into plastic. I can not but the Bestätgien.

On the software side is at least recognized on the PC, the other steering wheel instantly and visually displayed differently in the Driver menu. On the Playstation 3 I did not take any tests.

Conclusion: For the price of the steering wheel to get more value and redeemed all users who just can not warm up to the fixed stehenen paddles. Those who come clear with the smaller diameter and the rocker instead of toggle switches on the steering wheel will have a lot of fun.

Good for babies Rank: 5/5
April 23
Sassanach OMG !! Rank: 5/5
March 25
This computer is evil Rank: 1/5
June 3
Great value for money 223 Rank: 4/5
April 24
A good book but ... Rank: 4/5
December 28

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