The almost perfect sugar substitute - Update

The almost perfect sugar substitute - Update

Erythritol Eryfly 5x1kg Top quality from the EU (Food & Beverage)

Customer Review

The taste of Erythritol "Eryfly" is excellent and can be - as well as consistency and appearance - almost indistinguishable from regular sugar, which is, however, requires a slightly higher dosage.

If one factored in the opposite lower sweetening power of sugar, one arrives at a price of about 11 / kilo. That's good tenfold from simple household sugar and about three times of organic cane sugar - therefore already a very steep price. Whether it is the willing to pay for health reasons, you just have to weigh up.

Meanwhile, I have found through comparisons that the sweetening power of this product "about 70% of the sweetening power of sugar" far falls short of the promise. I'd expected to total about 50%. The more expensive "Eryfly" Of course not only stronger against sugar, but also to supposedly more expensive competitors. Therefore, but only the "almost perfect sugar substitute" and a point deduction.

I must admit, however, that the subjectively lower sweetening power could possibly be that "Eryfly" another (worse) solution behavior than sugar.

Update 2:
In a comparison with a sample of the erythritol-competing product "Light Xucker" I realized that this can be resolved better because it consists of finer crystals.

Update 3:
Meanwhile, I have purchased the competitor "Xucker Light", which also consists of pure non-GM erythritol. This is significantly sweeter than Eryfly and its finer crystals dissolve more easily on. This justifies the slightly higher price fully. If you buy the 4.5 kg package (currently only available outside of Amazon), "Xucker Light" is even somewhat cheaper. Eryfly is certainly not bad, but I will in the future but rather referred to the alternative access.

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March 28
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March 5
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August 28
April 14
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August 5

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