The (almost) perfect Tablet

The (almost) perfect Tablet

Sony 23.8 cm (9.4 inch) tablet PC (NVIDIA Tegra2, 1GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB flash memory, Android 3.1, WiFi, Bluetooth) black / silver (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I have the Sony already 2-3 months and am really satisfied with it. In my view there is no better for this price in the market. I had an Archos 70IT, with the Actually I was quite happy, but between Archos and Sony are worlds apart !!

Here are some of the important aspects for me:

Look and feel: The device is very easy for an almost-10 '' device and entirely of plastic. I find that it is very pleasant and quite reliable feel and looks. The back has a pleasant structure and small rubber studs to hang up. Due to the unusual shape, it is just the edgewise read very well in hand. The display is not from Gorilla Glass, but still does not have a scratch on me. Seems nevertheless to be high-quality material. In addition, I have not bought the same highly recommended leather sleeve of Navitech to make it summarizes also very pleasant and is well protected.

DISPLAY - the display is incredibly well and was actually my main reason for buying. It is sharp, bright enough, extreme viewing angle stable and has a fantastic color. It is challenging to consider and rating photos ideal and can easily keep up with high-quality PC monitors. The average low-TFT monitor it far exceeds. Even watching movies is a delight, and a new application has become favorite reading of comics by the great picture with me. But read the eBook and PDF is the display due to its focus just great.

PERFORMANCE - Super - am absolutely satisfied. Everything runs smoothly - now there are really good 3D games for Android, all run great on the Sony. The NVIDIA Tegra Dual Core makes it really positive impact. The trouble Archos that some apps not running or even the unit brought to crash, it does not exist at the Sony. Memory management works smoothly - even if you restart the device rarely, there is no performance degradation. An additional task manager is really unnecessary.

SD card slot - simply ingenious that Sony has built a full-size SDHC card slot here. One can thus easily expand the device to additional 32GB storage space (as I have just read, are even cards work to 128GB when you formatted with FAT32). In addition, generally fit so the memory card from a normal camera into it, and that's just on vacation invaluable, as you thus can quite comfortably judge the photos on the grand display of Sony. The tablet treats the cards without any problems, they can be in operation and unplug (which does admittedly Duch, the space behind the small cover is somewhat tricky). When a card is inserted, the tablet will automatically ask if you want to start the file transfer, because the Sony apps can only access files in the internal memory. But it should not interfere! For all applications (movies, photos, e-books, music etc) is there in the store better apps that are clearly superior to those of Sony and that can all access the map. One finds the memory card via a File Manager under "sdcard2". But even from the Sony file transfer app you can directly access the data on the card to look like images.

USB connection - this not only serves to connect the tablet to your PC, you can thus connect USB peripherals! Too bad that it's a micro-USB port, you still needed to an adapter that is not very expensive. Then, it is also USB flash drives, connect mice, keyboards, and cameras to the tablet. With a mobile hard drive but it has not worked for me - I'm guessing that it is up to the power supply requirements. You'd have to try it once with a drive that has its own power supply. Printer can not connect the way, unfortunately.

AUDIO: The device has stereo speakers. Although these are not great, but at least for games and movies more or less adequate. The volume is not particularly high, and the sound quality is not much better than a high-quality speaker phone. The arrangement of the speakers is good, even when they are hidden when you have a little talk with his hand, that hardly affected the sound. In films the stereo effect comes across very well. Those who want good sound, should connect good headphones, and since Sony revealed another little hidden extra bonus: the sound through headphones is in fact at its best, which is also confirmed by several reviews. According to this the Sony is one of the few tablets (except the iPad) with really high-quality headphone output.

OTHER BUSINESS: The device has GPS !! At first I thought, What for - but that part may actually even navigate using the preinstalled Google Maps! Is a bit cumbersome, because to calculate the route and to charge the necessary maps you need an online connection, which you can then yes unterwgs rather no longer. Maps retains the cards but in the cache, so the unit is still on the road usable. I even made to leave the tablet easy to use by the passenger as card replacement on holiday very good experiences. If you have enough cards loaded into the cache works fine, since the position display via GPS goes smoothly and is a huge help. Paper road maps read a thing of the past ;-)

DLNA: Yes - I just did not know what that is, but it's pretty awesome. It means that you can stream via WiFi with an appropriate device media files on Sony. For example, movies, pictures or music, which I have on my Windows7 PC, I need home not copy on the tablet, because I can access over the network with the Sony directly to the data from the PC. And funtioniert properly !! The set up is very simple - you have to enable the media streaming on PC and release the desired libraries. For instructions, there's plenty on the net.

APPS: Somewhere under the dash I use actually except the browser and the music player any of Sony (or Android) -own Apps. While it is to start really all depends what you need - but the Google Play Store, there are simply better.

Here's my tips for a good basic equipment:

- Browser: keep! The pre-loaded browser properly!
- Email: Again, the pre-installed Google Mail is actually completely ok and can be used with all popular mail accounts. All major vendors (, GMX etc) offer their own apps that do not necessarily have sooo much better but.
- Music: because I find the Sony players is not so bad. Great for implementation Tablet, engages stop unfortunately only on data in the internal memory to (or through DLNA). Alternative would be the "power amp"
- Pictures: "QuickPic" (higher resolution, accessing memory card)
- Video: "MX Video Player" (. Just great playing everything from - also from the memory card)
- Ebooks: "FBReader"
- PDF: "EZ-PDF Reader"
- Comics: "Perfect Viewer" (suuuper !!!)
- File Manager: "ES File Explorer"

so, that's only once by me. The IR remote control, unfortunately I could not test, because I have no TV (including ...) ;-)

Ah yes, the criticisms: few. Of course I would like to have a forever long holding battery - are the Sony, depending on usage "only" as four to six hours in there. And why there is such a micro-USB socket had to be instead of a normal necessarily, is beyond me. But that's it all.

If you has helped the review, I am pleased with a "helpful" -click!

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