The anthology of a lover of words

The anthology of a lover of words

Anthology of French Poetry (Paperback)

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Georges Pompidou announced very clearly in the preface to his "Anthology of French Poetry" (note the capital P to pass in the title), "Why start a new anthology of French poetry if, first, for oneself same? The passion of poetry, which is, I predicted when I was a child she would spend, persisted beyond the middle of the path of life. "

The choice of poems, arranged chronologically, proves very spontaneous, without any ulterior motives that passionate love for texts of a gigantic beauty: the important notes thus made Villon, Ronsard, Corneille later, La Fontaine and Racine finally to Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine Peguy, Claudel or Apollinaire.

The anthology ends with a postscript in which Georges Pompidou to isolate some particularly wonderful. It will remain as one of the finest existing anthologies because it is the work of a lover of words and soul of poets.

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