The best album from 2011 to date!

The best album from 2011 to date!

Femme Fatale (Deluxe Version) (MP3 Download)

Customer Review

Wow, that album is just a bomb! Much better than their last album, 'Circus' (although that was already great, but some failures had like 'Mmm Papi,' Mannequin 'or' My baby!), All the songs are just bawdy fun and you can super this dance!
And the deluxe edition has all the 16 (!!) song, where you can still get something because of an international star? Simply affengeil! The album has always Power and is never less (which is so in most of the albums that at the end of running out of steam ...)

1) 'Till The World Ends' is the second single from this album success, a venerable successor of 'Hold It Against Me'! Among other things, was written by Ke $ ha, I liked especially the last einderthalb minutes when it starts with the line 'Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends', just great! The only, slight criticism is that the 'oh-oh-oh-oh' so choppy in the chorus that I as a producer would have made more liquid, so you can really sing so right!

2) 'Hold It Against Me' is the first single and one of my favorites on this album! This Dup Step-break in the middle section is really rough and the question 'If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?' already legendary! Super choice for the first single (was in over ten countries number 1, including in the US Billboard charts!

3) 'Inside Out' is loved madly by the fans, I think it's good, it's more like mid-tempo, a successful song, but does not belong to me to be the best!

4) 'I Wanna Go' is probably the radio friendly song, you can sing along with super and I think the really cool! Particularly well to whistle along. ;)

5) 'How I Roll' is also very well done, but the 'worst' Song, unfortunately. For me only bonus track level. UPDATE: The lyrics are indeed very great, but the song is really very weak and I hear him hardly.

6) '(Drop Dead) Beautiful feat. Although Sabi ', Sabi is found only a few seconds but it is pretty good (although a Nicki Minaj would possibly fit better?). The rap part is so well done and generally the song has a good right hook! Is one of the firecrackers on the album!

7) 'Seal It With A Kiss' reminds me of 'Unusual You' and 'blur' of 'Circus', a good track! UPDATE: Evolves slowly to my favorites! This dubstep Breakfast is just awesome!

8) 'Big Fat Bass feat. 'because I was very, very excited, and I feared the worst, starting from the retort band The Black Eyed Peas and his other collaborations, who do not often like it, but here is the BAM Song horny! Maybe even the best of the fast dance songs, just woah! Sounds really awesome!

9) 'Trouble For Me', see Track 7!

10) 'Trip To Your Heart', just süüüüüüüüüüüüß! : P

11) 'Gasoline', really cool song, cool chorus and cool melody, fun!

12) My absolute favorite is definitely 'Criminal'! What a killer song, I really had tears in his eyes. For me, the next 'Everytime'! With this track she really the cake!

I would really recommend you to buy the Deluxe Edition, as it 4 (!!) bonus tracks there that the regular album tracks inferior in nothing!

13) 'Up n' Down ', class chorus, great song!

14) 'He About To Lose Me' is also very different from the other songs, slightly reminiscent of 'Criminal' because also here increasingly real instruments were used, the producer should make really often! I find great that even this song is so hervvorhebt!

15) 'Selfish', an excellent song, perfect to listen to before going to a party! UPDATE: The song is addictive and for me the best bonus track!

16) In particular I must highlight 'Do not Keep Me Waiting' that !!!) is from Travis Barker (from support of the rock band Blink-182 with the drums, really very, very rocky and reminds me strongly 'I Love Rock n 'Roll'. Just great this diversity!

The album stands out definitely from the previous albums from what I really appreciate with Britney Spears very, it is developing more and more and never stuck, although it is still working with the same producers. Max Martin & Dr. Luke create simply the hottest beats!

And finally, it has once again paid off, buy an album at once, usually you will be really showered too fast with Drögen songs, but here's every song at least on a very good level! It follows Kracher Kracher on, just BAM BAM BAM only!

It increases and increases and there is no end in sight .... thankfully!

With this album, you are prepared for the year 2011!

PS The Japanese version gets another song called 'Scary', you should listen times, is also very cool! And in any case in the new 'S & M' Remix reinschnuppern together with Rihanna, which is really great!

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