The best batteries of all are now even better!

The best batteries of all are now even better!

Sanyo eneloop AA Mignon Batteries (8-Pack) (Electronics)

Customer Review

My review of the "old" eneloops from 20.06.2007:
For my Pentax * D digital camera I bought always quality (mostly Sanyo) batteries. Lately photographing had hardly even been fun, because my battery packs were discharged after a short time itself. Spontaneous photo sessions were hardly possible. Here I treat the batteries with care and invite them in an EVT AT3 +. I had slow to buy no more desire, new batteries, because I knew exactly that this would be to use again only a few months. I photograph just not every day but my camera is also sometimes a few weeks at a time we linger.
The Eneloops are there really a revolution! Due to the low self-discharge to be usable even in devices where battery had previously made no sense, for example in remote controls.
One must not be fooled by the low capacity at the Eneloops. In my camera they last significantly longer than conventional 2600 mAh batteries. This is because the Eneloops the voltage last longer constant as a normal battery, read: The camera turns off until later because the cut-off threshold (ie, the voltage at which says the camera electronics: "Low Battery") is only reached later.
I buy in the area of ​​battery / batteries anything else!

I use the eneloops since in virtually all battery-powered devices, regardless of whether cameras, flash units, torches, remote controls, toys (eg Silverlit 85664 -, remote-controlled 3-channel helicopter PicooZ Atlas) are or handsets DECT phones. I'm still excited. So far, I still had to decommission a single battery. All the more gratifying that the new eneloops now to absorb 50% more charge cycles. I can not yet confirm understandably. But what is certain: The self-discharge of eneloops is now once again become significantly less! This makes through extended duration in devices with low consumption (such as remote controls) noticeable.
I've tried similar batteries from Varta and Ansmann. Although the are also good, but not long come closer to the capabilit the eneloops. So why not buy the original?

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