The best diver's watch in this price range - Never again switch batteries and pay the expensive prints!  1

The best diver's watch in this price range - Never again switch batteries and pay the expensive prints! 1

Citizen Men's Watch XL Promaster Analog quartz rubber BN0100-34L (clock)

Customer Review

Looking for an inexpensive holiday / dive watch many alternatives have looked. This clock is my absolute favorite.

Short Out the features:

1. Beautiful and sober design with no frills. Easy to read dial with date display. Full-fledged diver's watch with 20 atm. Compressive strength and screw-down crown.
2. Eco-Drive -> Change never VRLA. This is a major benefit because when diving watches is called when changing the batteries always. "Imprints" needed to ensure that the seals withstand the water pressure. This always costs extra and not every watch shop can perform this. By solar technology that even in darkness has half a year power reserve, a battery change is ever needed - an unbeatable argument!
3. Very nice color and good brightness of the hands and dial indexes in the dark. They shine in a beautiful turquoise blue tone, while the little zero point of the bezel in the "usual" is green (see picture). At the end of the night they light up though, only weak, but still readable.
4. Good bezel. Since jammed anything because nothing goes (as is common in diving watches in only one direction) to easily. This property is true in the age of dive computer no longer so important, but given nevertheless.
5. Good comfort. The rubber strap is comfortable on the arm. In addition, the clock with less than 80 grams weight quite easily and therefore good to wear for a diving watch.
6. Good accuracy (Addendum 01/04/2015): After several months, I can now say something to accuracy. In our watches (total of 3) were the monthly deviations (a digital clock) between -3 and +6 seconds. Since you the date anyway must change every 2 months, and surrounded the clock later than the change from summer / winter time, one can assume that it deviates little more than half a minute in the first half. I know much more expensive watches that go inaccurate.

The color does not match the presentation in the product image. In Natura the clock is much paler, with regard to both the dial and the bracelet. At first I was a little disappointed as I had unpacked it. But with the paler colors it acts neutral and not so conspicuous. I took a photo and uploaded it. However, the colors on this are still stronger than in Natura (cameras seem always to see something different from what the human eye), but you can already see that the dial is bright. Anyone interested in the clock, should take a look on the internet times different photos. The paler are the "real". Since everyone has a different taste, everyone should decide for himself.

The only minus point but could be repaired by Exchange, were the imprecise set pointer. How to read in other reviews, are in some watches minute and hour hand, for example, at 12 clock is not exactly one above the other. This was not the case with me. But for this was the second hand between the markings. At first I thought that I could live with it, but I noticed that I had been sent by Amazon no original packaging clock, but one that had already unpacked. The original packaging has in addition a foil envelope, in the first box is a flat piece of Styrofoam and the clock itself also wrapped again in plastic wrap. My all three had not, and instead was taped shut with adhesive again. Then I ge├Ągert me, since I had first, ordered a new clock and could secondly calls for a different clock at a watch retailer immediately after the discovery of the wrong set the second hand. So I have a part to Amazon sent back and get immediate replacement. This was indeed also open before - no longer in their original packaging - but instead, the second hand was precisely at this. So now I'm 100% satisfied.

Color selection:
There is this clock in different colors. There is a version with the black dial and black bracelet Citizen Men's Watch XL Promaster Analog quartz rubber BN0100-42E. In addition there is a version with a black dial still with a yellow and an orange bracelet Citizen Men's Watch XL Promaster Analog quartz rubber BN0100-18E. In the yellow version Citizen Men's Watch XL Promaster Analog quartz rubber BN0100-26E the border of the hour hand is yellow instead of orange. Some of the yellow or orange versions are offered 20-40 euros cheaper. This has no quality reason but is merely fashionable / demand factors.

Absolute Spitzenuhr in this price segment. Has full 5 star worthy.
Anyone who gets delivered a clock that is 100% not ok, they should exchange until it fits. Only in this way pressure on manufacturers and retailers exerted to improve the quality controls.

Addendum (Mai 2015): After beginning the year with the purchase of the yellow variant I had the same problem with the position of the second hand, Amazon has reviewed after my two-time conversion to complete inventory, the problem seems to be fixed now, because have this month I even bought the orange version on Amazon and since the hand position was perfect again.

An appeal to the conclusion:
The review on the product reviews will help interested parties to quickly get to the information they need. If you find this review helpful, I would be happy about the press, the corresponding button. If you can not find the review helpful, please leave a comment and describe what you lack or do not like. I am happy to consider your comments and can thus improve the quality of reviews, which in turn comes to the public good. Many Thanks.

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