... The best folk album in 2009

... The best folk album in 2009

Sigh No More (Audio CD)

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Sigh no more? So it only took a few minutes to listen to this music, then it was clear this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This British band to Marcus Mumford is one of the best American 'folk plates of recent years. In the first piece, the title song, a festival is ushered polyphonic melodies of hymns in best Crosby, Stills and Nash manner. Particularly influential in the songs of the band is the banjo. As is strummed in great profusion. Songs like the wonderful, the cave 'always start slow and end the one sings in ever repeated choruses enthusiastically. Even songs like, winter winds' or 'white blank page' are ingenious folk songs remain the one hanging in the ear immediately. Nevertheless, not you hear enough of. The songs are presented in addition to the voice of Marcus Mumford and almost always in the middle of song, Winston Marshall, played banjo by acoustic guitars and a perfectly plucked bass. With the fantastic ballads, Timshel 'and, after the storm' may go into the break bassist then times. There are consistently only musical highlights on this CD, the culmination of these highlights is then, however, little lion man '. If the chorus is sung over and over again and you can not just sit still. This could be one of the songs, which could raise up any fallen asleep party back to life. Impossible not to love this song.
It must be noted that, Sigh No More 'is the best folk album in 2009!

Sigh no more? But safe, sigh, oh can be beautiful life!

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