!!! The best game ever - 10/10

!!! The best game ever - 10/10

The Dark Eye: Saga skill tree (computer game)

Customer Review

I had been looking forward to this game for months! And now it's finally here! And the wait was worth it! I also equal to all my friends gave a copy to play it together in the great multiplayer!
Having already played through the epic single-player campaign, with all its unexpected twists and dramatic story end, I can only say that I've never played a better game!
I really had many many hours of fun and the online mode is a thousand times more intoxicating, in principle a full MMORPG for themselves where the epic story will again be continued, with another dozen storylines, again countless different solutions, and more epic endings that to be attained, as previously in singleplayer!
Toll is: Who with the world and the rules of Pen & Paper RPG "The Dark Eye" was not previously acquainted, know after playing this game just about everything about it! You can then enter in theory directly, needs virtually no rulebooks, because the world is explained as extensive, is so perfect and represents lovingly staged, the gameplay is as close to the set of rules, almost 1: 1, it is hard to believe ! Incidentally, I have heard that developer Silent Dreams has recruited only the most skilled people from the most renowned development studio specially for this game. It has almost spared no expense or effort to create the best game ever DSA. Otherwise I could me the perfectness of this game actually not explain. Silent Dreams has outdone himself!
As told to "theoretically" I could now dive right with my friends in the Pen & Paper World of The Dark Eye. Because I'll actually never need again any other game "theory," therefore, whether virtually or at the table, as solely "The Dark Eye: skill tree Saga" - the best game in the world. Good as It Gets, now I can die happy. Thank Silent Dreams and the good Lord for a fulfilling life and that they have given us this game.

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