The best live band in the world!  Stunning!

The best live band in the world! Stunning!

HAARP (Special Edition - CD & DVD) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I do not know when it was, but someday not too long time muse must somehow quite insidiously have managed the transition from the slightly crazy alternative rock band, to one of the biggest bands on the planet. And yet it still does not seem to have gathered. And here the ultimate selling point for the most insignificant stadium rock band in the world ... "HAARP" is the good part. Forget most equal to the CD. I mean that is good and brings over well live atmosphere, but really important is only this DVD, on which the newly built Wembley Arena makes the trio in a rush to her temple. Muse are not in vain as the best live band in the world. To experience a concert of them is always an energetic, audio-visual enjoyment. Sound, virtuoso, highly musical and full of power. Eben, how this band.
The concert as such leaves nothing to be desired. Well, Muse fans of the first hour is lacking some or Pops, but I think the new songs bring it fully. It's not like that Muse can do something wrong. When a concert with the monsters of song, "Knights of Cydonia" begins, eh can not walk far wrong. Otherwise, all the great Muse classics series (except "Muscle Museum" and "Bliss" which, unfortunately, probably the Scherre fell victim well) together. And London is from the beginning. "Hysteria", "Time Is Running Out", "New Born" intensely powerful. "Invincible" shows that the band has also stadium rock on it and also the ballads, like "Unintended" and "Blackout" know how to inspire. And then this final. Excess in "Plug-In Baby" and "Stockholm Syndrome". There is no doubt. For this, a band in playful mood. Matthew Bellamy is once again the virtuoso musical genius and coaxes from his guitar and his vocal cords while sounds that can be devious one language. And this arena. Huge video screens, confetti, lights en masse and dancers at balloons ... Muse have gespaart no cost and will pay off in the end. This leaves a DVD with wondering eyes. And the envy of those who were there is great. But if this continues, the other football stadiums in the world will not soon be able to dispense with Muse. For this purpose this band is too good to quality, to energetic and ambitious. And who has not yet been tightened, which I really say conclusively again a stereotype sentence: "This must be seen!"