The best new wave band in the world with the coolest bassist

The best new wave band in the world with the coolest bassist

Love, Hate and Sorrow 2CD / Digipak (includes admissions / Re-Recordings) (Audio CD)

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It is with the stars and idols always difficult, some are remotely cool and unsympathetic up close, others are anti-Stars and some adorable as your neighbors.

Ikon have last year 18! People played in the Leipzig camp yard, and when I Chris in the assumption that the band would be disappointed due to lack of audience and offended (they came but with a support band from Australia arrived), asked after his health, I was grinning and dragged to the bar.

Initially were Ikon the reincarnated JOY DIVISION. With Michael on vocals sounded the sound as if Curtis still alive. Since Chris is on the mic, they sounded after rocking NEW ORDER.
No copy! Congeniality!

Now finally have found their own way Ikon. Full Moll guitars, melodious keyboards and profound lyrics.
TORN APART is my absolute favorite icon. A bittersweet melody. ALL DEPTHS OF DESPAIR shines with nörgelndem bass and heavy guitars, as they had to CURE Disintegration times on it. Dino Molinaro plucks his bass placed just above the knee with a nonchalance that a stand hackles. In addition to Peter Hook and Johnny Marr, the brilliant guitarist.

It seems almost absurd to want to describe leached individual songs, you have to see this album in its entirety. A catchy darkwave / gothic album full of delightfully gloomy sounds and impelling desire of the best wave band in the world that now we have far too few lovers found!

Who JOY DIVISION, NEW ORDER, THE CURE and Angels and Airwaves like there is no way to IKON!

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