The best of all worlds ... almost (translated instructions included)

The best of all worlds ... almost (translated instructions included)

OXA® 10000mAh 2A / 1A outputs 2 USB External Battery Portable Power Bank battery charger with digital display and LED flashlight for Android Smartphone, iPhone 5c Apple phone, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod, tablets, digital cameras, PSP, MP3 players and other USB devices [Color: black] (Electronics)

Customer Review

External batteries have become indispensable, and many manufacturers have felt. Consequently, it is thronged by hundreds of models and the choice becomes a real challenge.

The 10 important points to choose your model:

1 / Need a lot of autonomy?
If so, this model you like. It can charge up to 5 times most smartphone

2 / Need a model that takes in the pocket?
If so, know that this is not his strong point. Nevertheless, for a battery of this capacity, size is really small as you can see in the photo.

3 / Need to recharge very quickly?
With 2,1mAh port, you will recharge your phone almost 4 times faster than plugging it into the USB2 port of your PC (which delivers the 0,5mAh).

4 / Need to recharge a tablet?
The tablets consume more than a phone. The 2,1mAh port is there to address this issue

5 / Need to charge 2 devices at once?
A second smartphone (your spouse?), A bluetooth headset, GPS, ... Whatever the second object to recharge, you will allow. By cons, no 2 tablets at a time because the second port only delivers 1mAh (which is still two times more than a computer USB2 port).

6 / Do I like the easy to use tools?
With its backlit display that still clearly indicates the remaining charge and the (s) the port (s) in use, you really have no excuse if you are not able to get away.

7 / A flashlight always at hand, you feel me?
Although one can criticize his lack of power, the built-in flashlight is still handy, especially since it does not consume anything. I left on since the beginning of the writing of this opinion and she has not even used 1% of the battery.

8 / With or without cable?
Many manufacturers provide only a USB / mini-USB. Here, the supplied cable has 3 bits: last 2 generations of Apple and the mini-USB that is found in 90% of other smartphone. It is well made contrary to what I read (it has perhaps been improved on entrefaite).

9 / A cover please?
And yes, the cover is provided. It is relatively simple, closes with a summary button system but ... it's there and it makes good service.

10 / A small price?
At the time of writing this opinion, this battery costs only 15! Given all that it offers, there is no photo, it is THE good plan, the master purchase.

Negative points?
In addition to very powerful lamp, the only complaint we do is the lack of instructions in French. This is provided in English and rather not hurt at all.
As I am on a good day (and I hope you click helpful vote in view of my work ^^), I'll bring the important elements below:

To charge your battery Oxa, you will need the supplied cable. Enter the mini-usb part in the mini port located between the 2 USB ports and plug the other end into a wall outlet or your computer. After a second, the screen should turn to give you the residual charge. The "IN" symbol will light informing you that charging is in progress. Once the 100% load, the sign "IN" will turn off and you can disconnect your battery fully charged.

Key point:
- Protection against power failures (battery charging will resume automatically when the power returns)
- Protection against overvoltage (USB ports will cut automatically to protect connected devices)
- Double battery protection (software and hardware by a couple)
- When the battery is in use, the screen turns on and automatically turn off after 30sec.
- To turn the screen and view the status of current or loads, press once the side button (the opposite of the lamp).
- To turn the flashlight, press 2 times on the same button. Do the same to turn it off.
- When you connect a device, battery detects it and begins to provide current. If not, you can force the ignition holding the button for several seconds. Do the same to turn it off if necessary.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments and I'll be happy to answer you.

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