The best of times - what kind of album

The best of times - what kind of album

The Stranger Within (Audio CD)

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Demon's Eye were known as Deep Purple cover band. Ian Paice and Jon Lord gave in the past from positive statements about the musicians of the band.

2011 now the first self-released by the band created album on the market. For this, the members of the band composed their own songs and immortalized this to a shekel. The band at that time belonged to Mark Zyk (Guitars), Maik Keller (bass), Andree Schneider (drums) and Florian Pritsch (Organ & Keyboards). For the vocals they could win the Scots Doogie White. He became acquainted with bands like Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, La Paz, Midnight Blue and more.

What came out was at work in the studio so positively rated by critics, that I consider myself lucky to have this album in my collection. When you hear the title in succession, so one wishes for the music never end. All titles are there to get an appraisal value.

The high quality of the pieces can not be played in detail. Only the inhalation of sounds quietly disclosed herein, the beauty and grace of the music it contains. Highlights there en masse.

Here as check out tip, for example, the second song on the album 'Sins of the Father'. This is a rock song very first cabin. In 'Heaven Again "however, Welch has to be the feeling of jamming of the members in the studio here. A treat for the ears! Another highlight of the album is indisputably the song' Far Over Rainbow '. Critics are now around bickering, hear the song as Ritchie Rainbow on. I, however, think there's nothing negative. On the contrary, when listening to almost thinks the time has stood still and we're back in the middle of the 70'zigern. At the end of the disc, there is an instrumental of special quality. Here you can hear supposedly playing the Lord Blackmore. However, it is not a mere copy in my opinion, but a nice piece of nostalgia in a disfigured by conformist unit sound world of commerce and the profit.

What 'The Best Of Times' is concerned, I do not share the often published opinion piece the bonus at the end of syllable Riges was an inflated version of the third title of the album. I think just the longer version reinforces the sad and again comforting message of the song on the transience of life and what follows afterwards. Again and again, running me a shiver down the Rücker while listening to the piece.

What remains as a recommendation to say? For me one of the best hard rock albums of recent years. There was a need to write me about it. Anyone that I know I would strongly advise to purchase the syllable engined. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, is not a successor to the band appeared to date. Doogie White sings / sang with La Paz and others. Demon's Eye still tour Germany with alternating singers (with Boogie White).

What I still missing is a live album on this disc here. That would be really worth it to me a purchase. Hope dies last known. The best of all time have certainly begun-I hope. Now I'm begging, I do not have something as nice mourn because there is nothing more to hear from this band. This circumstance would be really sad. Surely I'm not the only one who wants a second identical supported work of the band. In this spirit, I would advise everyone first time continued to strongly zuzulegen this excellent piece of art musicians.

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