The continuing mysteries of Lord Peter Wimsey series Detective

The continuing mysteries of Lord Peter Wimsey series Detective

The Late Scholar (Hardcover)

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Gerald Wimsey the duke of Denver now dead and not --other pretender to the title Lord left Peter to Become The Duke of Denver.

Meanwhile at Oxford University College of St. Severin, named After Boethius, the Warden is missing. So it is up to the "Visitor" to help with some decisions Including the provision of a single manuscript.

So "Your Grace" Wimsey finds out That he is now the Visitor. First Peter needed to find out what a visitor is.

We-have several overlapping mysteries as the missing Warden, why everyone is so heated up over the layout of the manuscript and there are A Few --other dispatched people tossed in.

The story gets convoluted by the overlying pads; but not ridiculously unreasonable as if you are astute all the clues are there.

Aside from the studs Jill Paton Walsh includes all the sentimental history of Oxford Peter and Harriet and if not matches Exceed Dorothy L. Sayers' originals.

I read the hard copy which is best for keeping in the library for future reading. Even though it existe également en the kindle as Text-to-speech, I can not wait for a whisper-sync versions.

Insanely good story Rank: 4/5
October 28
Bomb air Rank: 5/5
April 15
Practical and functional Brush Rank: 5/5
September 15
2 pleasant to listen Rank: 4/5
November 30
SCAM WARNING 13 Rank: 1/5
April 22
Super 70 purchase Rank: 5/5
August 25

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