The easiest product variant, but the device does what it is ...

The easiest product variant, but the device does what it is ...

Gorenje RK 6192 EW cooling-freezer / A ++ / 185 cm height / 231 kWh / year / 225 liter refrigerator / 94 liter freezer / containers for fruits and vegetables with humidity control (Crisp Zone) / Simple Slide System / EasyStep rack setting / white (Misc. )

Customer Review

From the article description, unfortunately it is not apparent how the device is controlled. It was only after the delivery I had noticed that it is only equipped with the mechanical control and no frost-free appliances. For the height adjustment of the shelves I would like to see 2-3 more rails on the walls, but there is enough space available. Vegetables, fruit and salad leaves accumulate quite a long without it loses freshness (at 3-4 ° C in the Fresh- and Crisp zone).

The refrigerator runs now for 2 weeks is very quiet and provides excellent cooling. With currently about 25 ° C, the compressor starts up only rarely, the thermoregulator is set just under half of the control range. If the device as the predecessor of Siemens holds 12 years I will be very happy with it.

ahhh Dali Rank: 5/5
May 6
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September 4
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February 9
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April 11

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