The espresso tastes very good, but the quality is just average

The espresso tastes very good, but the quality is just average

Gaggia RI9403 / 11 Espresso Machines Espresso Machine, frother, stainless steel (houseware)

Customer Review

Had expected more solidity. Gaggia know only from the cafe, had never been even one or a serviced. But for over 10 years a fully automatic coffee machine from Jura and had appropriate expectations.
When unpacking, it is observed that the machine is a real lightweight. The whole body is made of 1 mm thin stainless steel plate that is welded to the floor. The base plate is curved slightly above, which is why the drip tray is seated only shaky. This is only made of thin plastic, to a wafer-thin canopy. The switches see though somewhat cheap, but serve their purpose. The filter holder is the only heavy on the unit, and it requires some insertions until it is fully seated and the handle forward. Because this involves effort and the machine is so easy, you have to keep firmly with the other hand my swinging the portafilter. The outlet is made of plastic and does the job, but is not for purists.
In the water tank protrude 2 silicone hoses, make the reinsertion of the container to fummeligen action. As the machine under a cover has a water inlet funnel, you need to remove the container itself only for cleaning.
Steam, there are very or not at all, rules are not possible. The resulting foam is due to the high pressure so only large pores. Am not a purist and drink almost exclusively espresso, so that me not so much bother. If at the price but not need!
The top cover plate is heated and when screwing the filter holder should not touch the surface so.
When the machine is in operation, rattling the entire machine for loose drip tray. A small rag makes things even quieter.
The espresso tastes very good, better than the Jura.

Conclusion: The machine can be easily, the quality of the machine produced in Romania is just average, but the price is too high for it. The good taste, including beautiful crema reconciled somewhat, but a buy recommendation does not exist for it.

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