the essence ......

the essence ......

Essentials (1977-2007) (CD)

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But I do not like this kind bcp Production of pressing an artist LOEUVRE on a panel of songs that is supposed to represent what he does best. Indeed, it could be that some do not cajole as much fun with all the ears of Cabrel's work lovers ..... the tastes and colors ...... but I confess that when I ' listen to this CD, I do not strive to seek what could have missed that mix, lacking or out. I was totally seduced by the text, music, honesty and respect with which Cabrel approached his audience by suggesting as many rubies that his patience, his love for the quality of his work gave him to produce .
Of what could be considered the genesis of his success that allowed him to explode on the air, I mean "I love him to death," bcp, bcp jewels have succeeded, "the ink with your eyes "," I still think of you "," it is written "," postcard "," it goes live elsewhere, "etc. ........ other themes most inspired of general and intimate chronicles of life going, "blowgun", "bullfighting" cork oak ", the world is deaf," and all his Spanish crossing blossomed on ........ our CD and allowed us to follow this artist on his lifelong path creator of fertile poetic moods.
An artist may have a style, a signature and not ossify in a directory, a color that may pass with time. Cabrel has kept its poet-troubadour integrity adapting his lyrics and his music to "artistic evolution that his inspiration and" air time "was offered, for our greater listening pleasure.
....... A selection? No! a beautiful anthology that you will not fail to expand, supplement according to your tastes and the time you choose to lull you to those wonderful lasting memories.

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November 26
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October 12
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November 17
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February 3

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