The famous detective game is now available in a special "The Big Bang Theory" edition ...

The famous detective game is now available in a special "The Big Bang Theory" edition ...

Winning Moves WIN10685 - Cluedo - The Big Bang Theory, Board Game (Toy)

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..., After the successful TV series about the funny-sloping WG of scientists and their daily adventures, for 2-6 players, ages 8+.

The gameplay remains relatively classic, only that here no murder has been committed, but someone has done folly. And Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, BS, MS, MA, Ph. D., Sc. D., himself and the players have to find out who the perpetrators and which was the outrage and has exactly where all this took place. Who this first succeeds, wins the game.

Basic gameplay:
The game board is placed in the middle of the table for this purpose, the pawns and Schandtatgegenstände first all come in the middle.
Of the 21 playing cards (6 suspects, 6 Schandtatengegenstände, 9 rooms (the apartment building)) are each per category accidentally pulled one down and placed in the case file without anyone can recognize the card. The remaining cards are shuffled and placed face down to the players.

Players seek out each a character and receive a sheet from the note pad.
On this you can immediately record their hole cards, since these now can not get stuck in the case record and are thus not involved in the outrage. As the game progresses further evidence be noted here, by people, objects and spaces in question streaked or bookmarked be ^^.

The active player takes the dice and then takes the throw under his pawn. The goal is always a room, because only there can express a suspicion a player, in which he shall designate a person and their character takes the same space, as well as the presumably affected object.
So did he place, person and object together, this once again loud and officially appoints and now can be cleared up by his fellow players in a clockwise direction, to what extent he is right.

The players have the active Verdachtsäusserer ^^ now show a card secretly - even if they had more of the designated, only one! - So that they can see no other player. The player at the train a note of this on his notepad and thus ended his train.
If the direct neighbors have a map on hand, which corresponds to the suspicions, the next player's turn to reveal something that can not, it goes on.

Could not players refute the suspicion of active players can now press charges and see in the case file, whether it is correct. If so, it shows that there inset maps and all the players will win. Should he be wrong, he has to remain silent and out of the game.
But what if no one could show him a map to refute the suspicion and he does not want to look into the case file? Hm, he should have bluffed themselves to exclude a specific part? :)

So the game goes on and on, until finally one is clear who was of the wicked, which object he or she has violated and where the crime took place.

Editions-Gameplay / -Changes:
The "The Big Bang Theory" edition now offers here is not the classic premises of altherrschaftlichen Villa but known rooms of the apartment building series, all each presented with a sytlischen Drawing: laundry, bathroom, living room (Penny), bedroom (Leonard), kitchen, Bedroom (Sheldon), living room (Sheldon & Leonard), staircase, attic.

As game characters appear here as investigators and suspects at the same time: Raj, Bernadette, Penny, Howard, Leonard and Amy.
Here, the players choose at the outset not only the character, but also get to an appropriate person card (incl. A one-time in the game useful special ability).

The atrocities committed in object form were here, "dog-ear the Comic", "Decomposed shelbot", "Formula wiped from the board", "Deleted hard drive", "Stained cushion" and "Dirty toothbrush".

The actual gameplay behaves otherwise as described above, except for the following supplements.

There are so-called "Sheldon" cards, which - initially still set as well mixed and concealed deck next to the board - if one wants to not only play by the original rules.

Are sufficient a dice roll once from not to go into a room, can instead try a Shelden Field to enter ("?" - Fields).
Once on the field (possibly other eyes numbers may fall), a "Sheldon" must drawn card and their instructions followed (and their series-quote read ^^) are.

Ex .: "You do not have a train." - ". I help the weak is also why I am like Batman." - "Games the train now or pick it up."

Ex .: "You can expect six to your throw to when you sing me the song that I like to listen to when I'm sick." - "Now or later, if you like."

Ex .: "What part of 'an inverse Tangent approaches the asymptote of' Do not you understand?" - "If someone a card is shown, they also demand to see." - "Do it now or later, when you've got it more necessary."

This edition is nice to look at and strives to successfully convince fans. Atmospheric one feels so also the same as in a TV series. Alone the box cover with the known annoyed look Sheldon and the question "Who Sheldon has enraged?" already makes for Risorius warm grin and who the "atrocities" by reads, knows immediately what hour has struck ^^!

The necessary changes are seamlessly managed and fit nicely into the gameplay. The circular sequences are catchy and entertaining with decent lengths depending on the luck of the dice.
Nice is also a bonus in the form of rule changes for the game for two or as a team.

At its core, however, remains Cluedo Cluedo and whether it needs a special edition with a bonus card or original enough to decide the fans of the game and the series.
The game itself is one of the best Deduktionsspielen and who seeks a "The Big Bang Theory" -Spiele- ode fan, is certainly well served here.

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- Publisher: Winning Moves
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- Instructions: German
- Material: German
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