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The Final

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True Blood Season 7 seen OmU + German.

I've just seen the last episode of this great series. A bit sad I know that it will go no further. But the plot has already moved in the 6th season in a direction that has slowly heralded the end.
Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jason and all the others have experienced and gone through that it was time to give them a degree without any further disasters and suffering so much.

The little time jump at the end of 6.Staffel has the new structures shown in Bon Temps. Sookie along with Alcide, Sam sits down, to protect against Hep V infected vampires, for purpose relationships between humans and vampires, a, Eric's fate is uncertain when he suddenly begins to burn ...

The expectations for this final season certainly go far apart on many. Also this season had to suffer much criticism. There is not enough action, an action can only be guessed, the characters have become colorless and boring and even a lot more.
These points I can only disagree. Of course, this season is different than, say, the 1st Season, in which everything was new and full of mystery.
This is a 10 episodes long farewell to bring the development of each character to a round final. A grand finale, which says goodbye with a bang, should not be expected.

By Hep V vampires there are in the first few episodes, although again a fight "evil party", only to the design here is not as exciting as in the other season, as against the Queen, Maryann, Russell Edgington, Marnie / Antonia, the authority or Warlow was fought. This time is the real enemy of the virus itself and all the time a risk of infection and thus the end of the vampires.
It is sacrificial giving among men and the vampires. Only great sadness came not to me, because it was either in my opinion important for the act or has fitted the nature of the character.

Who wants to know how it ends with the individual figures may like to read on, otherwise please scroll right down.

Spoiler beginning!


Alcide dies, I found while looking very sad. I liked him very much and he has always done well Sookie. However, it was correct to let him die in battle. It would never work in the long run with him and Sookie because she still loves Bill and without a definitive line, they will never be happy with anyone else.

Also TARA fails. It appears her mother but still as a kind of spirit and the last dark chapter of her childhood is revealed. They got rid of all that it has loaded and can find peace.
I thought it was a bit cheesy as it stands in the floor-length white dress in the fog and go to the light, but at least they got the end that they always wanted. As a person she was full of rage and has suffered badly. Then she was forced to what she has so much despised. Never Tara could have been making voluntary vampire. They just wanted to no dramas and disasters more, and she got.

As Maxine Fortenberry dies HOYT comes back to Bon Temps, to look at his mother's estate. Even if he can remember neither Jason nor to Jess, he knows deep down that links him more with Bon Temps, as he knows.
Although he has a pretty new girlfriend, it crackles once between him and Jess.
JESS loves Hoyt still and because she wants to be with him again, she does the right thing, she admits everything that happens at that time. She assures him that he's the only one for you and you just too young, stupid and inexperienced at that time was to realize that she has found happiness. Now it is ready and will not change their minds again.
That's enough Hoyt and he forgives her and Jason. At the end, the two married, in a spontaneous ceremony.

SAM leaves Bon Temps with the pregnant Nicole. He builds up an entirely new life in Chicago.
What's the best decision for me, he could have made. He has lost so many people, and because he loves Sookie and the other, he would rush at each new disaster again to help. So Sam and that makes him out. Only he never thinks of himself and walk away with the decision, he has finally put himself and his future family at No. 1 of his life.

JASON takes at Hoyts ex-girlfriend Brigette and tried for once to be steadfast and not the same to have sex with her. What he also succeeds because he has finally learned from his whole Schlamasseln something and has matured. He admits that he very much wants to start a family, what he does at the end with Brigette.

ERIC infected with Hep V but soon finds out that Sarah Newlin that only antidote drank their blood and therefore causes an immunity when it is drunk.
Pam and Erik take over the factories producing artificial blood and go with New Blood even on the stock market. Both are and remain simply indestructible and the perfect team.

GINGER may finally have sex with Eric. What was really shown screamingly funny. But Ginger is simple and something else / Normal you would not expect with her.

What I've been looking forward properly, the end was chosen for SARAH Newlin. She has managed repeatedly to survive and harm others. But finally she gets her just deserts. A life in the basement of Fangtasia as Bluthure during which she increasingly loses his mind and is tormented by the apparitions of her dead ex-partner.

Now to what dominated the last few episodes of season 7. Sookie and Bill.
Bill has become infected and Sookie and Jess do everything possible to save him. Only Bill will not be cured. He believes that Sookie will never have a nice, full life, if he is still alive.
He loves it and can not bear to be the darkness in their lives. He wishes for her own children and a life without costumes vampire after her Faerie blood.
Therefore Sookie should kill him with her energy ball and thus get rid of everything supernatural per se. Only you will be aware just before the end that their existence as a fairy she makes. It's a part of her that just belongs to her now.
And thus it descends to Bill in his grave, both include a wooden stake, the slow in Bill's heart pierced until he dies.
Many years later sit together all friends of Bon Temps and celebrate Thanksgiving. Sookie has found a new partner (but which can be seen only from the side) and is pregnant. She looks happy and that's what I've always wanted for Sookie.

Spoilers end!

Who has not read the spoiler to the voltage to keep still, this season is worthwhile if only to look for in order to know who his happy ending gets and who does not.

There are new relationships arise, a character from the past will come back to Bon Temps and will leave it. There will be a wedding, a few deaths and a / e hated figure gets eventually his / her just punishment.

As for the final, which was voted for Sookie and Bill, I can understand very well. It might not be what some people expect, but for me it is the only correct conclusion.

True Blood Season 7 should look at as a fan easy. All the characters have evolved after the many adventures and misfortunes. But all trying to make the best of it and even though many have something apart for a while, they are at the end closed together and support each other. No lies and secrets, it is spoken openly, the other familiar and Eric is one very selfless.

One can this season, in my view, a very long epilogue to consider six varied, exciting and incredibly exciting seasons.
It is to find no peak or a huge wow moment, it's just a round, offbeat conclusion to a great, fast-paced series.

August 25, 2014

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