The first and last Thief

The first and last Thief

Thief - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Whoever believes here to get a Schleich game with intriguing story. Where you can sneak up on roofs of opponents to a mission to solve in various ways.
He will be disappointed because the gibts in Thief NOT.

The OpenWorld character is a smooth 6. The developer going to decide exactly where you have to run long and where not. If you think you climb on a roof and sometimes just saves so five minutes detour will be surprised. After climbing on roofs is almost never possible, and if one comes exactly 10 meters wide and is situated in a cul de sac.

We come to the most important part of this game, the stealing. In the beginning it's probably. still fun to browse and resolve everything. But this changes rapidly, namely at the latest when you have to open in order to scan a single cabinet 10 drawers individually and looted ne scissors and a mirror at the end. Super! Since it is more successful to walk the streets, because there are all 5 meters some things around, how realistic ....
If one breaks into a house through the window you have to get back to get out of there ... break Zeitaufwenig and annoying ...
Who thinks you break into the house, and can search the whole house, will look around quickly. Because the only thing you can search be 99% only one room. One finds there the safes eig, a challenge should represent?
denkste ...! Each vault has broken 10 seconds, man how exciting ...
In addition, the animations are always the same, absolutely no variation.
Who think the search for booty, hidden switches, traps and enemies is exciting will also be disappointed. For this we need only use our Super views and already us everything appears near. Then you could do without.

The Weapons
Delete flames with arrows or shoot vases is quite nice but nothing more.
To opponents ausszuschalten are only two different arrows available.
But since we only have a miniature quiver while the fired after five minutes and that's it then with silent off the enemy from ambush. In addition, there are supply of weapons only in an overpriced dealer and has to get there is again run through the whole city.
Who thinks, he then takes up his main weapon will be surprised.
You can not even just draw his sword or knife and turn the enemy from behind, because there are none. One has only NEN stick with which to strike at the enemy, because that's not too quiet even get it all enemies within with and you have to tilt multiple enemies with his stick.
That's probably. Wanted the enemy to be beaten only KO than to kill them, but then one is to give the player the choice of how he wants to solve it. Off or kill the enemy.

The Story
The story is still quite exciting at the beginning, but this is changing rapidly. It converts in fact in complete idiocy. In Chapter 5, you find yourself suddenly in a so-called hospital with zombies. That was the time for me, where I no longer played there.

The gloomy atmosphere is gripping a prop goes after some time but on my nerves because it is always dark. Absolutely no change ...
Graphically, it is not very exhilarating because I have for a next-gen. Game expected more.

The sound is the biggest joke ever ... Mostly so quiet you can hear nothing, you display it louder the surrounding sounds are still so loud that one understands nothing. The dialogues between the opponents are absolute garbage. It can happen that repeats an opponent 10 minutes with the same sentence ...

The controller could have been solved better, but is playable.

Once and never again! There are games like Dishonored or Assassins Creed miles ahead.

It's fun to listen Rank: 5/5
January 26
Super fun party. 1 Rank: 5/5
January 18
Not at all terrain Rank: 1/5
August 23
Sleeping Rank: 4/5
October 4
avoid 116 Rank: 1/5
May 24
Perfect 1 7819 Rank: 5/5
July 17

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