The last album at least equal.

The last album at least equal.

Overseas (Audio CD)

Customer Review

After the debut Habedieehre it was frankly pretty hard to believe that there still is room for improvement in the initial enthusiasm. In fact, the Brass Banda debut for me is still the benchmark as LaBrassBanda must sound for me after the 3rd studio album.

What can I say? The second album overseas - simply does everything right. This niche style, which have developed the 5-piece band from the Chiemgau as the quintessence of classical brass music, fun lyrics, groovy disco beats or sometimes loose then thrown off-beats has been consistently further developed.

Here are the songs at least the musical quality of its predecessor when it comes to the interaction of these talented musicians who phrasing and casual sportswear put forward Art. Yes, the boys had probably in the studio recording and the song texts of overseas a lot of fun. Rarely have I heard a feel-good mentality through my bookshelf speakers so much -

As soon as the disc has palmed, begins with the most fun part of the beer tent plate directly. True to the chaos theory or Murphy's Law tells us frontman Dettl about 4 min away as it goes on Bavarian folk festival meadows down to business. Behind steadily grooving drums, percussion and backing wind in perfect harmony in order to then present them in a grand finale a 4-to-the-floor-classic Drum Disco 70s-beat to incredibly powerful and catchy brass. Everything presented in simple but all the more catchy harmonies.

As on the first album the interplay between driving and more dubby grooving songs at the beginning is maintained. To whom the red Hoserl on Track No. 2 is one you get then also explained. Considering the short story that this subtle, yet massive Groove is behind it just the right backing.

This situational-musical sensibility and not deep common but entertaining stories that you get presented in the songs also contribute an important share on the construct LaBrassBanda album length. Here I find the lyrics always great, because even if many listeners repeatedly criticizing lyrical platitudes, so I can safely ignore this considering the authentic presentation. I suppose LaBrassBanda, these stories they were imaginary, invented, actually happens, exaggerated, sometimes somehow without rhyme or just starting. You play with irony, clichés and a good dose of humor in an honest and sincere way that invites each listener a part of it.

Equally entertaining and groovy as red Hoserl itself gives VW Jetta, the mood after waking with a previous long night in an old vehicle with a loose paraphrases perfectly off-beat.

Bauersbua shows the other hand again by the crazy-funky side. The horn section is simply stunning. And. What makes the Dettl as in the verse? I do not understand a word but it's cool. Live is incidentally again so terrific. An absolute cracker.

In keeping with the firecrackers Inter Milan is again on top of an ordinary shovel to straight beats and tape speed and provides for me the full-throttle advance feeling par excellence.

The musical spirit of optimism but then steamed on track with 10 NaNaNa something but at least something uplifting one can call something like Bavarian pathos? From wherever it comes alone are the harmonies, because the track is an instrumental. And again I have to praise: That too is absolutely the thing of Labrassbanda. Boring is a not, there is always something happens, it always fits.

Before I forget Ofree needs to be mentioned here in any case. Again an instrumental that begins unimpressive, but at the back designed to best for me, reggae lastigsten Bläserhook the whole album. This song lends itself to just to leisurely chill this summer on the terrace in the sun.

Des konnst glam contrast brings his Hook directly at the beginning with a lot of pressure on the horns by the Lautspreceher. Also very catchy. It is no wonder, when he suddenly out of nowhere begins to whistle the first few bars thereof. This still happens to me so 1 to 2 times a week (yes, I hum a lot to myself).

The last two tracks on the album already evident from how the predecessor Habedieehre that the term turns to the end. Deyda has excited me after repeated Through listening. One of the quiet then swelling tracks that has whatever this band is managed very well add to the overall image of the disk. Ever: The musical outliers and different moods that this band appeals to inspire me again and again.

Doda hos his capacity last album track accordingly a maximum of melancholy side. The good times and old loves looking after, but with for a long time - painfully developed or grown acceptance that now it's all over. Much cliché, presented little lard authentic. Like.

Yes, gone, it is now actually. But you must not be sad, because the replay button saves now before the limbus in the one might be after the last song might like. As a non-Bayer there anyway by listening repeatedly to discover enough lyrics. Musical do repeatedly to fine details. And anyway it's fun!

Who knows LaBrassBanda, is so well served with this album as with Habedieehre.
Who does not LaBrassBanda has, with this album as good a start as with Habedieehre.

But in any case it is not a simple copy, but a creative development in all directions. And in the end you still sound as you expect it which does not mean that you could not be surprised.

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