The Moto 360 compared to G Watch and the rest

The Moto 360 compared to G Watch and the rest

Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch (Dark stainless steel case with black leather strap) (Accessories)

Customer Review

A week ago, it was already surprisingly so far. I received my Moto 360 and would like to present my first review after a few test which I during the week still want to complete them.

In advance, I read quite a lot about the clock, she was too clunky and too thick, etc. But after the first unpacking it turned out that she's just classy and incredibly handsome. I have it strapped to my wrist what with the band (which, however, namely to be a leather strap feels more like plastic) lies only partially accomplish good (went a little hard to move). The clock itself acts not too chunky on my thin wrist. It works perfectly. However, one should note that it is actually a bit higher and wider than it is a normal wristwatch. I think Motorola here has found a good balance between screen and casing size. The display of the LG G Watch R is me, for example, too small!
The housing and the knob are made of stainless steel and what I have not been noticed before in the pictures is the fact that the button is still a slightly golden accent (quasi a gold ring as a "washer") looks really good. In addition, it is even waterproof to IP67 which statement even they can to deal with short-diving. The weight is not noticeable as the clock itself. It does not take a few minutes and it's like having no clock on the wrist. When G Watch from LG me the case was a little too clunky.
-> 5/5 The design tells me too much and the clock looks super stylish despite the small disappointment of the bracelet :)

The display is very bright. On the bottom of the screen there is a black bar of the sensors is to make practical use of the clock (ambient light sensor etc.) The contrasts and the pixel density is very good, even small fonts can be seen very well and with visible pixels considers it also limited. The viewing angle stability is better than that of the G Watch this clock. If you look at the edges sometimes you see "rainbow colors" what does it matter that the display glass at this point is easily bewölbt. But this is only very minimal and does not interfere. Also I noticed that not all Androidwear Apps were adjusted due to the round display, you can see that it possibly something that Scripture be cut off in the bottom sides.
- Nothing to complain about here> 5/5 and I'm definitely satisfied

The Preformance is despite the somewhat weak processor in order. Many stuttering I could not find, but you can tell when Spacheingabe already that it depends on and on. Talk a little and sometimes it takes a long time has been processed to what is said. Hope this is fixed with an update yet (the first I've already installed). In other menus, I could not detect any lag or even when counting steps or in the heart rate was all right
-> 4/5 because Motorola still has to work a bit and I already expect at a 250 clock runs all without problems

Battery life and charging station:
For battery life has been much speculation and rumor. My initial assessment is that you loose during the day comes with this clock (assuming is off "active display" and the ambient light automatic switch). Had at the end of the day still good 50-60% which I think in mid-learn usage for a very good value. Made only times I looked at the clock and a bit of vocabulary queries and other gimmicks (like Google Search, etc) done :)
What is super good like with but Motorola's loading facility. There are supplied also a charger which simply is the best charging station I've ever seen in a wearable. They not only looks stylish from, no, she's very practical. Loaded is here by induction, that I put the SmartWatch just in the device and you're done. So simple kanns go. Great.
-> 5/5 I find the battery life is acceptable and sufficient. With the charging station which also is very fast the clock is charging (in 1H is the clock loose fully charged) there is nothing here to complain

Android Wear generally:
Since you have installed on this clock Android Wear and many are not so familiar I also want to say something to the operating system. It is mainly designed on the information to be transferred from the phone to display the clock and to work there any means of short actions by the user. What does that mean? I get a telegram or Whatsapp-Nachicht and can read them on the clock and respond after using voice input. This is great and incredibly easy. Otherwise, I can display me the pulse or the steps that I've run, can set alarm clock, write notes, or if I have installed a matching app let me query words or begin a workout, which can even be evaluated by means of sensors me , There are really many options that are possible with this type of communication. For heart rate monitor is not to say that Motorola has since built a separate heart rate monitor app which moreover also shows how active they were on a particular day and you also mitteils they are to move better. A nice gimmick. The latest update for the Moto 360 which 4.4 W2 is and will be rolled out straight again includes a lot of new enhancements such as offline listening to music and Bluetooth pairing with a headset. But you will find in this clock a GPS or compass which is also supported by Wear 2.0. Here the Sony SmartWatch 3 lies in things future security bit forward.

My first impression of the clock is already times very positive, they get to this round clock a very good looking and high quality clock. I am expected range unexpectant and am thrilled. The development of Android Wear is great and the adjust the developer of this operating system is super :) For people who want to read quietly their Nachichten wrist and / or find Android Wear generally well or simply are curious about this clock, which I can Laying with a clear conscience to the heart. The added value lies in my opinion in the uncomplicated way Nachichten easy to answer :)

UPDATE 12/11/2014:
To still I want to speak a little praise to Motorola / Google use this update. I have now received some updates for the clock and also the Android 2.0 Wear and Lollipop update came after the publication of even the same day at my clock! This really is record-breaking and moving forward to Apple-level!

I hope I could with my review a little helping them to question what SmartWatch or if she even a SmartWatch should set itself. If you have questions you can feel free to contact me. I will this product even further expand the next few days and will so desire still testing things that they want to have tested :)

If you enjoyed my review Rate please :)

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