The old expensive stereo with a Bluetooth transmitter modernized (This is a transmitter, not a receiver)

The old expensive stereo with a Bluetooth transmitter modernized (This is a transmitter, not a receiver)

TaoTronics® Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter - Audio Dongle Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter for 3.5mm audio devices (iPod, MP3 / MP4, TV, Media Player ...), Bluetooth V4.0 & used during charging (electronic)

Customer Review

By TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter is a very special device gets into the house. With this small part, it is possible its ancient stereo system (or other devices) on which many people depend sure to make bluetooth capable. Thus, music can for example easily on newer Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers play. The Bluetooth transmitter sends only and does not receive. Here, then, can be streamed to an old stereo system from any music from your smartphone.

In addition to the Bluetooth transmitter, the package includes a 3.5mm audio cable, a 3.5mm RCA cable, a USB charging cable and a German user.

The transmitter is an amazing little black box made of plastic. A large power switch sits on the top and the outputs for the cable are attached at the back. The overall impression and the workmanship are very good.

From the German manual you will quickly understand smart.

The old plant will be connected to the transmitter. Then you turn on the transmitter by the power button is held for a few seconds. As usual, also the Bluetooth stereo headset is turned on. Both are coupled. Bright LEDs on the transmitter help. Once the pairing is successful, the music of the old system to the headphones can be reproduced.

The music transfer goes smoothly. Even in large spaces breaks the reception not from, as long as the devices are in the same room. Personally, I can not hear any difference in quality. Whether wired or directly with this Bluetooth adapter - the music sounds properly.

Conclusion: Finally listen to music from the old system - just as it was earlier :-) Old Fashioned - and yet on the cutting edge of technology - because now it works even wirelessly. Does not everything is possible ... highly recommended!

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