The only real alternative to the original

The only real alternative to the original

Blackfox Lens Hood for Canon EF18-200 / 28-200 (replacement of Canon EW-78D) (Accessories)

Customer Review

There are countless replicas of EW-78D Lens Hood. Simple, there are already for 5 (incl. Shipping). These sit initially mostly still good but over time more and more relaxed, because they only have a simple plastic nose to the end position in a raced. The nose will wear out over time. The original panel and some replicas have plastic clamps in that snap reliable permanently even with frequent connection and disconnection. The Blackfox panel resembles in this detail of the original Canon. I have often been placed in a different direction as well. She sits still perfect.

In addition, it is the only replica, which I could find a black velvet coating has to reduce stray light reflections inside. This coating is not quite as high as in the originals. It is after all so dull black, but is likely to fulfill its purpose.

However, one should be aware of the somewhat limited effect of this panel in the clear. However, this is not the aperture owed, but the large zoom range up into the Wide thought the lenses EF 28-200mm and EF-S 18-200mm. The further the angle to be scanned, the lower the angle, the aperture can cover. Light from the page is intercepted in this case, only a little. This is also the reason why the matte coating on the inside is just important in such shaped apertures. The EW-78D heard but the baffles that are worthwhile.

The only way I know replica, which as well as the original works basically - but this will cost less than half.

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