The panel lottery manufacturers (Samsung vs. LG vs. Sony).  With luck and a little research on the perfect TV.

The panel lottery manufacturers (Samsung vs. LG vs. Sony). With luck and a little research on the perfect TV.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-50W805 126 cm (50 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, Motionflow XR 400Hz, WLAN, Smart TV, DVB-T / C / S2) (Electronics)

Customer Review

So much in advance: If you want to buy a TV in 2015, encounter problems that he does not expect. Producers subject to tough price pressure and search for cheaper production possibilities. The current TVs have entirely new diseases in more or less pronounced form, since LED does not equal LED.
Edge Lid LED Direct LED, FULL LED and OLED here are the 4 levels of quality. Therefore, some 55 inch TVs and other costs 600 over 2000. To make matters worse obstruct the manufacturer also panels of different producers in one and the same model, which differ slightly from each other - but that is beyond the scope here finally! Nevertheless you can catch a good TV even with the cheaper versions. Below I would like to share my experience and knowledge with all those who are still looking on.

Time for comparison: At that time, 5 years ago, I got my first flat-screen LCD TV (Philips 37PFL5604H a / 12 for 499). This was connected and gave a single problem.

Beginning in January 2015, I thought to myself (and I consider myself a very technology savvy) to buy me time a new and larger TV, which is not too cheap, looks good and you'll be fine. But it was not!

I had envisaged a budget of 650-800 TV from different manufacturers to test numerous reports and research. Here I wanted from a native 50Hz Panel refrain, as they have a tendency to flicker.
As a rule is in the product description or 100Hz MCI 100Hz blb or similar, then there is a native 50Hz Panel in reality. There are however many exceptions, so always take a look at various forums, since the manufacturers often do not specify the native Hertz number like. ;)

All I chose TVs have a native 100Hz Panel (despite well-calculated and software side 200-400hz backlightblinking etc.) but this is FULLY sufficient.

1. - Samsung UE55H6270 [EDGE LID LED] (Same as the UE55H6470 just without 3D glasses)
2. - LG 55LV650V [ONE LED & IPS panel]
3. - Sony Bravia 50W805 [EDGE LID LED]

First I bought the Samsung.
Unpacked, prepared, seasoned, first disappointed. But that really applies to almost all producers, because the default setting of the image are overridden by something so that the image completely sharpens and almost neon-like effect already.
The picture was, however, for tips of various hifi forums really good (So please please do not keep the default settings). ^^
But after a few camera movements and monochrome backgrounds, it was something of so striking:

THE Clouding.

As we have already the first phenomenon which I did not know of televisions in 2010.
Definition: "As Clouding (cloud formation) are called bright spots in the image, which can be distracting, especially in dark scenes."
In my copy you could imagine it as if lighting the entire area 2cm wide bright illuminates removed from the frame. Like a pale picture frame.
The Samsung is how virtually all current Samsung TVs a so-called Edge Lid LED. This means that the lamps sit solely in the context and to supply from there on Cluster films the entire surface of the display with light. This film warps minimal during transport or production, so you can say goodbye to a uniform ausgeleuchtetem Panel. I brought the TV so back and looked again at the exhibits by Samsung and found the effect subjectively often in more or less pronounced manner again. I think that 80% of buyers do not notice it anyway. 10% think it does not work better. and the remaining 10% a TV return such. Here you can see already that a lot of luck one of them. Had my Samsung less pronounced this effect, I would have kept him in any case because he was otherwise really great and pretty much offers the fastest and most comprehensive Smart TV package.

A few days later came the LG 55LV650V because I hoped from the direct-LED technology no longer Clouding be able to determine on the sides.
Unpacked, prepared, seasoned, first disappointed. The IPS panel is supposed to represent particularly good colors, but it reflects the most extreme and black values ​​appear slightly gray. After more image settings, the picture was quite good. But I was more important at the moment that this was free of Clouding!
But to make matters worse, I came after an afternoon on the 2nd and 3rd Bundesliga phenomenon:

DSE (Dirty Screen Effect) + BANDING

DSE definition: "In image panning the impression that on the screen a kind of dirt / dust is, the not moved up to the swing occurs This can be a non-uniform illumination of the image formed (see Clouding).." In football so large areas of the image were consistently about 20% darker than the rest, which is of course quite fell in camera motion eye.
Banding definition: "Depending on the backlight technology, it may be that the image vertical or horizontal stripes (bands) that are not illuminated very evenly This occurs mainly, but not only with Edge LED This usually has something to do with the light guides.. do, with which the light is deflected by the edge behind the scene. But it may also be that the panel must be firmly clamped in the housing, so that a round edge can be seen in the picture. " The darker spots by DSE So all stripes came with me too (about 7 cm thick), which went from top to bottom across the screen to move without.

To make matters worse this LG also had a pixel error, so this also declined. It should be said that this TV was otherwise well. With a little more luck than I had it, you will certainly happy with this unit !!

A few days later came the Sony Bravia 50W805.
Unpacked, prepared, seasoned, first satisfied. The default settings already showed a decent picture. After more image settings I am very satisfied with the picture. The internal receiver conjures itself DVBT SD images sharp images that rankommen almost HD. Although this is an EDGE-lid LED again, I can find no clouding at the edges.
This TV is free of pixel errors, DSE and banding. The illumination is nearly perfect and really in 99.9% of cases also not perceived as inhomogeneous.
As for the speed of the TV, I am satisfied. Although the Samsung was faster, but compared to my old Philips he responded really well to the inputs of the remote control. I got the TV, however, delivered already with the latest firmware update.

Here is my picture settings, which I have sought out various forums together. Indeed, there are always a few professionals who take the time to the colors with a TV calibration device to measure:

Picture Mode: Movie1 (Initially, this setting may be somewhat difficult to find. Just out of the normal operation, press the Options button, then go to "Scene Selection" and select there "cinema" Only then will "Movie1" as "image Mode "in" Picture "available. All other settings can be then under the option" "Edit Image.)
Backlight: 7
Contrast: 82
Brightness: 50
Color: 47
Hue: 0
Color Temperature: Warm2
Sharpness: 54
Dyn noise reduction. Low
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Pixel Noise Reduction: Auto
Reality Creation: Manual (resolution: 18, Noise Filters: 0 or min.)
Smooth gradations: Medium
Motionflow: Genuine cinema
Film Mode: Off
Black Correction: Off
. Verb contrast enhancement: Off
Gamma: -1
. Auto off shields: Off
Bright Boost: From
Color brilliance: From
White Balance:
- Red G: -3
- Green G: -14
- Blue G: 0
- Red B: 0
- Green B: -1
- Blue B: -1
Detail Enhancement: Low
Edge enhancement: Low
Skin naturalization: Off

In this way a great picture with natural skin tones, even from SD (without the mini green tint to the Bravia offers). For HD & margin improvement can be entirely dispensed with detail if necessary. :)


Finally, let me say that all manufacturers cook with the same murky waters. One can have in each television hit or miss. Pixel errors can happen to anyone - even my iPhone had 2. But I personally can not live with massive DSE, Banding, Clouding or dead pixel.
Nevertheless, it must be said that one who is looking desperately for errors, which also takes place in this price range. As long as keep Clouding and DSE extent within limits that they do not interfere in 99% of the image situations then you have one of the more fortunate. Consider: An exchange can of course also always lead to a deterioration of the situation. I think that no current LED 100% is perfect in terms of the coverage, but that's to complain very, very high level. But is also traceable in the ever-increasing screen sizes. Luckily I in this Sony (ie with start number 3 after Samsung and LG) had better luck and may very well despite high claims with this life. :)

If I disregard of the mistakes of the series dispersion, the image quality and usability would respect define the following order:

1. Sony W805B (but most expensive)
2. Samsung H6270 (good value for money if you for no Clouding has)
3. LG LB650V (solid and some swear yes on IPS panels)

Nevertheless, I would each keep (also the Samsung or LG), if they were accurate, since these TVs are really good in this price range. 3D is here been relatively unimportant to me, because I have almost no material at hand. But be able to help other tests. I use the TV just as normal TV and have therefore primarily demands on the 2D image quality. ;)

I hope I could help some of you in the selection of your TV.

Many greetings and have fun with your televisions, whether Samsung, LG or Sony! :)

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