The perfect sports watch for ambitious newcomers

The perfect sports watch for ambitious newcomers

Garmin vívoactive Sport GPS SmartWatch, preinstalled SportApps, Activity Tracker (Electronics)

Customer Review

I had the last 2 years constantly annoyed that I own device must carry for each sport. Whether that while running (Forerunner), swimming (920XT) or cycling (Edge, Oregon) is the case. To count steps throughout the day then it requires an additional back strap (Vivofit). I'm like you see some time ago in Garmin universe arrived and got stuck there. The devices are initially mostly not yet perfect, but steadily improved with updates and criticism will be implemented. In the last six months I've stepped up my sporting activities and angered me even more to have to keep the whole fleet up2date incl. Battery check if you simply fast times was going on. So had an all forth in One. The smartphone is ever excluded, too expensive, too prone to failure - battery life underground when the display (bicycle) to remain switched. For swimming certainly useless.
So was looking around and in January I've spotted the announcement for VivoActive - taken at the same time also of the Fitbit Surge note.
GARMIN was lucky, the surge has not managed so far to Germany and so the VivoActive is first scrutinized - and probably not even given away.

1) Display
The display is as you would expect a GARMIN frequently used trans- reflective display. Thus, it does not have the sexiest color (64 are displayed, 16 are currently being used by third party developers) but is perfectly adequate - I wanted to wear a smartphone by the arm. If you do not always want to rely on product advertising what goes well in the rarest of cases, you have to make yourself something clever to give. My advantage is already owning GARMIN devices. Moreover, I have regularly seen in January on YouTube product launches what you can see the display well.
The biggest advantage: The display is always on - and sucking this fantastic little on the battery. There is something "dull" when the external lighting subsides. That is to say, the evening look in the living room on the couch just quickly at the clock, possibly from a low angle, is difficult. For the most part but that is due to the lack of depth, all of which have smartwatches together. Secondly, the fact that the display is not the brightest. For this purpose, the backlight will help. Even is not the brightest, but you will eventually need to read something only briefly and it does not look at pictures, even Angry Birds games.
Outdoors: awesome, whether running or biking outdoors once it is reasonably bright, so bright so that you can get without a headlamp, the display shows its best side. And without it can reflect the clock always easily read, even in full sun.
Short and sweet: Check out product videos on Youtube, they are relatively colorfast and give a good impression of the reproduction value of the small screen.

2) case and bracelet:
The bracelet is made of the well-known plastic that is almost used by all sports watches. Not very high but also not super cheap. It's a matter of taste. If someone wants to have quality, for which there is a copy made of leather for retrofitting. Generally, there are the clock in 2 colors (black and white) + numerous interchangeable bracelets (red, blue, leather).
The case itself is made of plastic - you should therefore not safe to work in the steel mill, for the office, it should be sufficient without major damage increase. The display itself makes only about 50% of the housing, which may appear a little, however, is found inside the battery still was neatly dimensioned + GPS receiver. For some it's ugly, nice for the other - for me it is functional and adequate. Fetishists go to Apple or buy a Moto 360th
Below the display sit 2 softbuttons Androidbesitzer know this well. This is "Back" and "options" - the function is self-explanatory.
On the housing sitting left and right each a button, similar to a watch crown. The left switched on when required to the backlight, the right will change the menu in the Sport mode and starts / pauses the selected activity.

3) Sports:
Running: Top, initially had to be a little longer looking for GPS, then it took 15 to 30 seconds to sufficient satellites have been found. The deviation of the route is hardly available and very accurate. Smaller outliers there were in the city, these moving vary from 3 and 5 meters apart from the actual line.
With an ANT + sensor absolutely reliable data

To be completed, but the clock is waterproof and can withstand considerably more than certified to IP67.

But very good use rudimentary unfortunately no navigation function (map) to record again. Can be coupled with wheel sensors via ANT + and this information works well on the fact.

Analogous to Vivofit decent tracking. For a ride on the bike in the woods currently "useless" as it unfortunately continues to count steps during the activity - which distorts the statistics.

4) SmartWatch:
To be fair, it is not the primary task of VivoActive to be a SmartWatch. WhatsApp, e-mails and text messages are received and forwarded by phone. Even long messages can be read completely, then open the last short 3seconds and the mail is scrollable. In the News Feed VivoActive everything is stored what you have not yet looked at up there on the phone. Wipes are the Notification on the phone off, it's gone on the Vivofit. Up to 10 different notifications have space.

The order of the widgets and activities can be easily designed by app. So if someone does not play golf, you delete the GolfApp. If you own a GARMIN Virb installed to the right app to do so. This is very comfortable and works fast. Only the update of the clock via the mobile phone via GarminConnect are closed until further notice. Still you have to detour via the charger and connect it to the computer. There one gets the updates from GarminExpress.
For each incoming message the clock vibrates slightly, but noticeably. The vibration intensity can be up to now not yet been adjusted. Also an alarm clock is integrated and actually woke me up to now 5 5 days. Even the alarm clock uses only the vibration, since no acoustic signal is present.

Sound control works fine. In GarminConnect the StandardApp is queried with the music you hear and you're set to go before. Volume up, volume, play / pause and forward / back work fine. Tested on an Android with Spotify.

My phone is so much longer in total in the bag than before.

5) Battery

I have the VA now been a few days in use, the battery had initially some problems with sudden drops. After upgrading to firmware 2.6 I no longer noticed. The specified three weeks duration can be reached by a mixed use of the clock BT and not BT. If BT is permanently connected is achieved about 10 days' one should, however, turn off at night, it will be up to 18 days.
My battery has not been enough cycles to exploit the full capacity, therefore I add at this point later.

For me as an ambitious beginner the perfect clock for everything and a tight budget. The Fitbit is thus left on the shelf. The internal GPS sensor eliminates the need for sporting activities to have to carry his smartphone überalhin. I am very satisfied and can only recommend, even if the system is not yet completely free of errors the clock.

================================================== ==================================


After more than a month in use, I'm still totally thrilled. The battery lasts really long, depending on the activities I have every 1.5 2 weeks to the outlet. The is however next to the couch and you can quickly the clock 1h put into the dish while watching a movie or reading a good book. After the clock is full again and you have not missed anything.

From the display, I am still confident. In every situation I've always eye on the time. All everyday localities are sufficiently bright for the display. Even the swimming pool is no problem. In complete darkness, the small LED in the background is also perfectly adequate.

The Smartnotifications are somewhat improved. Some messages you get displayed only the half and on the next page we continue with the "New Message" ... The not so really behaves constant and also tends to be rare, but I could not figure out what it is yet. Messenger is primarily WhatsApp and email. Emails are always displayed in full longer and can scroll to the bottom.

Calendar I have treated still rather neglected. Chance registered birthdays but are displayed.

The MusikApp is fantastic. In the car I do not need on the phone rumtippen (which I had never done, have simply bear the song if I did not like). A smudge to the right and press to Skip already it has happened. Here I would only wish that later once the title is displayed. In Shuffle mode that would be a great information. Overall, you're less distracted than having to resort each time to the mobile phone. Perhaps comparable to a changing channels on the radio where one knows where has the appropriate buttons but are nevertheless look short.

Connect IQ is constantly being expanded by 3rd party and there is something for everyone.

Garmin provides its clock currently still a week with core updates. Here the focus is strongly placed on the American forum and you can hear on the users. So it is now possible to save the last golf courses in the cache. Or separately the vibration intensity adjust.

Since my only drawback concerns the message function and everything else my expectations still remains more than fulfilled the scoring at 5/5 stars - a great product at a good price.

Not bad at all 15 Rank: 4/5
January 27
hydrate perfectly Rank: 5/5
June 5
Satisfied ... for now 2 Rank: 4/5
June 3
A perfect purchase 1 Rank: 5/5
February 24
88 Battery Rank: 5/5
February 28

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