The Revolution - The best elec.  Toothbrush

The Revolution - The best elec. Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare HX9332 / 04 DiamondClean sonic toothbrush, ceramic white (Personal Care)

Customer Review

First of all I must say that I hardly abgebe reviews unless an item is me greatly disappointed or thrilled. But as I almost always rely on the reviews of others, I see it this time as my obligation to write here:

I am Zahnfetischist ;-) and therefore always use dental floss in addition for about 15 years the best, so expect the market to electric toothbrushes. I have therefore vowed to the Braun Oral-B Professional Care The past few years and was very pleased. Since I have so worn out some of these toothbrushes, I recently bought later the Professional Care 3000. But now the first disappointment came. In the first place to check the performance of 3000 after only a few weeks after, and secondly pointed me my Zanharzt out which is the Oral-B is not necessarily the best for the gum. Especially if you are not consistent from red to white, so brushing the gums to the teeth. With me, he said that my gums are already declined a bit. Now I also recommended some good friends the DiamondClean and were very enthusiastic about this toothbrush. So I thought that the price is high, but the intervention of the dentist (incl. The professional teeth cleaning) are much more expensive. I ordered it and 2 days later she was there ...


This toothbrush everyone should have, the more your own! Teeth in the mouth has! Actually it would have to be covered by health insurance. The cleaning performance is so perfect that you realize an improvement / whitening of teeth and gaps already after 3-4 days. Especially if one is a smoker / coffee and red wine drinkers. But the best thing is that after the first use, the teeth are as smooth as I know it only from the professional, dental cleaning with polish. After a few days, the teeth feel as smooth as glass on. And what is so smooth, hardly provides liability for new coverings - fantastic. And best of all, it told me now also a friend who got it therefore recommended by his dentist, this toothbrush cleans away not the gums.

We (2 Perosnen) have DiamondClean far only once, as described in the manual, 24-hour charge (without a break!) And brush have been 3 days without recharging again. The performance has subsided no more bit.

Oh, that they "smooth" and would therefore easily slip out of hand we deem absolute nonsense. It is just as safe in your hands like other toothbrushes also. And through all the programs off the here described, annoying switching through to the toothbrush has one only if you want to turn it off immediately after switching on again. Once they went though a few seconds, she has been going after one press of the button.

So: Anyone who puts on dental and oral hygiene value will no longer be able to avoid this piece of tech. I'm sure that a toothbrush as this so some intervention of the dentist saves.

I hope these lines may help you decide.

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