The rocks, uh ..., dismantled the hut

The rocks, uh ..., dismantled the hut

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Uncut) (Video Game)

Customer Review

This game has not been in vain bombarded with all sorts of prices.
The main reason for this is probably the specially developed by DICE Frostbiteengine (now at the registry 1.5) be that both graphically and gameplay technically for those times (release was March 2010) has set new standards and even today knows how to convince.
The graphics are the best thing I've seen to date (at that time in mid-2010), even with no HDMI cable. Granted, you will look not to the razor-sharp blade of grass, but hey, who cares about you please gracefully swaying blades of grass when a sprichwörtliich the volleys fly from all directions around the ears.

Speaking of flying "around the ears", here everything is geoben off its hinges. And when I say "everything" say, I mean everything. From building walls on any Verschanzungsmöglichkeit up to unspoiled nature, such as a tree trunk (behind which you can also entrench logically)
The title of the series "Battlefield: .." could not be more appropriate.

The fact that everything can be razed to the ground, giving the gameplay that certain something. More precisely:
This engine raises the gameplay in a new dimension. The authenticity degree of hitherto "unmatched" is thus sufficient getan.Auch the sound is doing its part to this.

As for the story, so this is neither an Oscar nor for Gulli and is driven by pretty cinematic cutscenes.
The 08/15 story does not cloud the gameplay, however, in the least.

Furthermore, it should be noted that none of the former reference titles such as Batman: MW 2 (10.11.`09) or CoD: BO (09.10.`10) can hold a candle to this game.

If you can make the developers blame, it's the fact that there is no co-op mode. That's a shame.

At the end I have no choice, the boys and girls of Dice still bring as my appreciation and my thanks to express that they have given us such a wonderful game. But let's be honest, the people deserve not just bad.

Short and sweet:

Graphic 5/5: Wow, even without HDMI cable
-sound / Effects 5/5: Yeah baby, because stitched the Pope
-Atmo / Authenticity 5/5: Alter Schwede as falls a starting and jaw down
-Abwechslung 5/5: There is definitely never boring (as opposed to "Spec Ops: The Line")
-Zwischensequenzen 5/5: so keep cinema Reif always nice beer and popcorn ready :-)
-Story 3/5: is assigned as the sole criterion of the average fare
Gameplay 5/5: Geiler salmon, people !!!


Now one or the other readers of this review may well ask:
"The acquisition of this game worth in early 2013 at all in view of the fact that it already has under his belt almost 3 years?"

-Defenitiv. Namely, for 2 reasons:

1.The value for money:
Priced at 26 one can not speak of a bargain, but the value for money I would call good.

2.This Game was his time so far ahead, it could have come on the market without further in early 2012, people had it in droves

This Game In no (ego) Shooter Collection missing.

So, necessarily access.

PS: Hopefully the 3.Teil the series is ebenbürdig.

4.5 / 5 stars (because the co-op is missing)

pretty and practical 4 Rank: 5/5
March 8
marvel 1 1 Rank: 5/5
October 9
Super 1880 3408 Rank: 5/5
December 11
This is perfect 200 Rank: 5/5
January 3
nice color but ... 1 Rank: 4/5
July 16

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