The temptation of the monstrous

The temptation of the monstrous

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town (Paperback)

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Holly Black is a best-selling author who has only just managed for some reason in my bookshelf. I have no idea why their works are so far gone past me, since their first release Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale already took place in 2002. Since she was very diligent and has experienced success especially in the young adult area. She is also a close friend of Cassandra Clare, with whom she has been working since last year on a common fantasy series: Magisterium.
The Coldest Girl in Cold Town is a single work, of which I only thought would be a YA dystopia. Think again, it is urban fantasy.

Cold Towns: insular towns behind thick walls. Prisons of the Damned. Since it was announced that Vampires are not mystical mythical figures, but the bloody reality, this highly secured cities emerged around the world. Cages for ancient beasts that are as deadly as glamorous. But they are also a haven for dropouts, frustrated young people and all those who want to die to feel life.
Tana knows Cold Town is dangerous, no matter what the media wants to tell her. But when she wakes up one morning after a wild party in a house full of corpses, Springfield is the only place where they can go. Your ex-boyfriend Aiden is infected and they themselves now, they do not know. Then there is also the vampire Gavriel, who seems to be hiding a dark secret. The three of them make their way to get to Springfield and Tana must, that the difference between hunter and prey is less clear than they thought

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town had a somewhat complicated reading for me because I long did not really know what to do with it. The alternative reality that constructed Holly Black, I found interesting and believable, but I did not really manage to connect with the protagonist Tana. I had no easy access to it. Despite that I found the book as a whole surprisingly profound, which is why it was enough ultimately for four stars.
I think the central theme of this novel is the temptation. Use the vampires created Holly Black for the people a way to get rid of all social constraints and to a raw, unfiltered version to be their own. No chains, no shame, no remorse. A pretty attractive prospect for Tana. She knows that she should not give in to the temptation, because it in addition to all the obvious benefits also meant to lose control of himself. Unfortunately, I could not fully understand exactly how Tana thinks about vampires until the end. At first, she is fascinated by them, but throughout history to change. I did not realize when it happened and so it has been triggered. Holly Black has not let me be part of it. Also, it was hard for me to understand why Tana goes to the massacre in the house of her friends ever to Springfield, instead of calling the police. There were really no rational reason. But I'm willing to simply ascribe their shock this behavior and to call it a day.
The vampires themselves are in short monster. Bloodthirsty, cold-hearted, ruthless. Top predators out of a storybook. I found them very convincing, as they wonderfully convey a more central question: why are monsters so appealing for us? In this context, I also liked the media, financial exploitation of vampires very well. I consider this behavior of media for real. It looks similar to them to make bloodthirsty immortals superstars and market them to the limit value. Holly Black proved here a striking, sharp perspective on certain mechanisms of our society.
My favorite character of the book was clearly Gavriel. He's crazy. Really. Total mistaken. I had the feeling that only he knew only a delicious secret that over all other gives him an advantage. When he moves on an entirely different level of Being. While all the other characters are in their own way freaks, but Gavriel she breaks all.

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town is an interesting YA-UF novel that surprised me in different points positive. Holly Black is a remarkable author, of which I would like to read more. It makes me curious, because their way of writing is not the usual YA-Wischiwaschi is. Do not hesitate to describe bloody details and treated their characters as full individuals that have more to offer than just superficial clichés.
I think The Coldest Girl in Cold Town is the right reading for readers who are fed up of cheesy, romantic young adult urban fantasy novels and who prefer hand-tight. Holly Black proves that not only men can rough urban fantasy writing. Let ye respond to your world, you will notice how tempting may be the temptation of the monstrous.

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