The work of the century an unforgettable genius!

The work of the century an unforgettable genius!

What's Going On (Remastered) (MP3 Download)

Customer Review

I grew up with the music of Marvin Gaye and am an ardent admirer of this exceptional singer.
With "What's Going On" he outdid himself and set itself a musical monument!
In the US, you will probably not hit a black man who does not know Marvin Gaye or this album.
For ALL black US singer Marvin Gaye is still the musical role model!

The album was created under the influence of the Vietnam War and the Rassendiskreminierung in the US in the 60s and 70s.
The lyrics are very deep and partly also political accusations ("Inner City Blues" and "What's Goin 'On") and capture the spirit of this time (Diskreminierung Black).
Visionary is from today's perspective, "Mercy, Mercy Me" (environmental degradation, long before there was "The Greens"!).
Faith in God is unshakeable for Marvin Gaye and gives him hope ("Save the Children", "God Is Love").
The musical realization is Marvin Gaye terrific succeeded. The music gets under your skin and leaves a simple no longer going on.
The voice (mood) changes of times velvety soft to pleading and accusing, depending on textual specification.
Incidentally, only Marvin Gaye sings itself, there is no background singers. His voice on some songs simply dubbed several times (oversampled).
The accompanying musicians know their job admirably and groove only along.

This album is a must for any good music library, for it is the musical legacy of a genius.
"What`s Going On" is nothing more and nothing less than a work of the century!

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