The world of Nightwish ... but without their music.

The world of Nightwish ... but without their music.

Imaginaerum - The Score (CD)

Customer Review

We talk for a while, here it is. The film linked to Imaginaerum Nightwish album and his dream world.
A film that, for us French, may be difficult to see. I'm not even talking about the hypothetical passage into theaters in our beautiful country. Will there he a French version? I'm afraid not. A version with subtitles? We hope at least that ...
And like any self-respecting movie, here is the soundtrack that accompanies it. No, "Imaginaerum" (the album) is not the original soundtrack. Tuomas Holopainen Petri Alanko and (composer of film music) wrote a special soundtrack for the feature film.

First thing which is very important: do not expect to hear a Metal album with that "Imaginaerum - The Score". As its name suggests, it is indeed the soundtrack that accompanies the film and there is not a trace of metal in it. These are not the symphonic versions of all the songs on the album. This is a real BO, in the manner of those of a Danny Elfman for example. Tuomas Holopainen has dreamed, he did.
The disc is 90% instrumental. One title is truly sung, it is "Deeper Down", an alternate version of "The Crow, the Owl and The Dove." It will also, for once, the last song sung by Anette Olzon Nightwish. From that side, it takes a certain value and I bet he may be released as a single.
So now, no electric guitars, drums or bass. No Metal. And I emphasize this because until proven otherwise, Nightwish is a band of Metal. If this is indeed the world of Nightwish, we are here in orchestral adaptations more or less close to the tracks from the album "Imaginaerum" by composer Petri Alanko (we therefore logically finds some melodies that recall the album). You must love the genre, which is not my case. It's very nice but for me, the result is a little overpowering anyway. I am confident that with the images on it, all this will make sense, but the only BO does not, in my eyes at least, real interest. I would have seen this recording sound, for example, the bonus album "Imaginaerum" (instead of the CD with instrumental versions). I do not know if it was already made at the time that being said ...

"Imaginaerum - The Score" is an album to book for lovers of film soundtracks or for large group of collectors who want to own everything. In any case, it can not be considered as a full album in the band's discography since group, precisely, it is not really matter here. And as usual in such cases, difficult to rate this album. We will put five stars if we love soundtracks or if it is an absolute fan of Nightwish, we will not if you want to listen to something that flies fishing.
Well, now it only remains to see what famous movie!

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