This album is a love letter to the fans ...

This album is a love letter to the fans ...

While a nation Sleeps (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

... And the reason why we all love so much boysetsfire.

The album is awesome across the board. I had to chuckle at the "recycling" of Let It Bleed (For those who do not know, the song is actually times published by Nathan other band "The Casting out" on an album.

the songs are all really good. it's fun to listen to the album and I am happy now really at the concert later this month.

But what has impressed me is rather the way are gone as the boys ran to the release.

Most bands and labels imagined but today: "hey Dear customer, you have decided to buy Wunderbar then we can you now torment really nice as you have a mp3 Palyer:?! Haha you joker, forget it here looking. the time at which we have the 3 tons with DRM enclosed. If you have it on the player you have to want it all again to buy 2 per track (in low quality) to get it for your MP3 player "

In contrast boysetsfire it is the complete opposite of it. This album embodies rather the setting:?!. "Hey, did you buy our plate Cool thing, many thanks We hope you like the songs and if you have not seen it, look for the booklet there's your code to DRM free Downlaod the complete album and of course mp3 in the best quality. And because you're so cool and supported us have there top 3 acoustic songs! Oh, how now? One of the 3 acoustic songs that we have enclosed is one in whom you have always depending as acoustics have wanted? Perfect! Have fun with it and now everything so that you can quickly pack on your MP3 player out in the park and in the sun, our music can enjoy "

This is the first album where the panel was to copy to the memory card for the car really stress-free, mainly because the notebook is too shallow for a CD drive)

And of course the 3 bonus tracks in acoustics Download. I just say: Trade my life for a barrel of gold ......

boysetsfire: you are the best: D

and in the sense: from the park :)

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