Time and creativity = perfect pictures and a lot of fun

Time and creativity = perfect pictures and a lot of fun

Corel Paint Shop Pro X7 Ultimate (DVD-ROM)

Customer Review

To evaluate this complex program is not an easy task!

I myself am novice when it comes extensive image editing. Previously, I worked with a 0815 program, which left me in a few seconds crop a picture or create a collage made quickly. So now I sat for the first time against a real professional regular program, which had astonished me first. Thousands of options, settings, and the levels that I did not know before.

Without a lot of time and creativity and the joy reinzufuchsen and thus to be warm, the use is not, I would argue. Who is newcomer takes time and a lot of fun learning, otherwise Corl Paint Shop can sell every little amateur.

The user is insanely extensive and in the wide world of the www, there are many tutorials that help you with any questions. The customer's website is clear and concise and it will help if there are problems or questions.

The installation, however, made me a nervous two cost because my PC has always stopped in the middle of the installation process and display me cheerfully sorts errors. The solution is quite simple and it is basically also so that - the program wants a user to power user. The may install it. Strange was in my case, that I am the only one, and thus the main users of the PC. The solution sounds funny, it is, but it is so that a second user must be created to install. But even this was done within minutes and the miracle program opened in its full glory.

As a newcomer was and I'm still slightly overwhelmed, but I constantly learn more about this and come gradually to the pictures that I have promised. The program will also appreciate Photoshop lover, as I could find and it's a good introduction to the world of imaging.

It's great fun to explore the new world, and I believe that the program leaves no wish unfulfilled. It can be much set and adapted in what concerns the surface and the shortcut icons. It can be searched in parallel solutions and assistance to the working plane and tips are displayed.

When time is of times really fast and not all the images to be changed and mounted, it can, thanks to the wide variety of filters. Open image, filter over it, ready.

The right picture change are no limits, there are endless possibilities and their own creativity can be a lot of space left. "MagicFill" here is a nice gimmick, and thus can be class effects and conceded - for example, elements can be removed quickly. Herrlich.

Much time should invest in order to achieve good results every beginner. The numerous tools need to be explored and gradually to get behind the image processing secrets.

The user interface is clearly structured and very user-friendly and offers plenty of photo editing fun. I Wish You Success.

Legänder. Rank: 5/5
April 27
More bang for the buck ... Rank: 4/5
December 27
Great idea as a gift for woman Rank: 3/5
December 22
beautiful puppet Rank: 3/5
April 12
Disappointing! 1397 Rank: 1/5
December 2

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