Tip for iOS: FN + Esc locks the iPhone / iPad

Tip for iOS: FN + Esc locks the iPhone / iPad

Logitech K811 Bluetooth EASYswitch keyboard (QWERTZ, german keyboard layout) (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Tip ahead of iOS. FN + Esc locks the iPhone / iPad (= fall in Standby I had already used in the old keyboard, and often, therefore, so long played around until I had the combo out :)

Ingenious keyboard, the only thing I miss are "front" and "back" jumping in the music control. This was my age-old Logitech keyboard still .. have virtually all options tried out, do not think that there is a "hidden" with this keyboard key combo for it.

And the Home button (for iOS) is a bit strange places, such as in the middle of the function keys (F5). On my old keyboard he was far left above, I find more intuitive, but is probably matter of habit.

But as I said, otherwise top, especially the keystroke is a dream and the right place for me (quite soft). And the 3-compartment paiirng facility is awesome, got on 1 iPhone 2 iPad 3 Apple TV and switches that works perfectly. In the old keyboard I had to switches each time paiiren, which was very tedious of course.
Strong buy recommendation!

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