Tolle is CLEARLY A man with a mission.

Tolle is CLEARLY A man with a mission.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (Paperback)

Customer Review

Despite the factthat Tolle claims to have written this book only upon request from other people, you this, like so many others, Seems to have the mission of convincing the world did what worked for him must be the solution to all earthly problems.
Anyhow Tolle's Analysis and "method" of getting to the Now is quite powerful, helpful and can in fact change your life to the better.
HOWEVER, Great having found this new focus point in the prsence, now falls into the trap of making it the center of a world view, overly generalizing the results and judging everything from this / his newly aquired standpoint.
He is quick to draw "obvious" conclusions, quote from every monumental book our civilization has Brought Forth (the Bible, the Koran, the Tao, etc.) and interpreting the quotes within a paragraph in the light or as a proof of the " Power of Now ".
And, like many Converts, who have lived through a dramatic turning point in Their Lives, he is very willing to condemn everything else, and everything Especially Which Actually correlates with his "previous" life, as insane or mad.
This book carries a great message but you will have to be careful to draw your own conclusions and discern the basic truths from the personal problem, Which are Mainly related to the Great personality rather than yourself.

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